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In my quest to becoming The ill beat-maker I've spent so much time trying to be, I have definetly come across the huge problem I'm sure all producers have come across...that is mixing the damn thing :p

Isn't it such a bootleg situation where you have the idea of where the beat should go, play it for people, they get the hint, but they aren't getting the full experience. Do you know what I mean? The vision in my mind needs to be articulated through an experienced engineer. My question is...where you at son!

I will ...Read more

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I just got back from an awesome mountain hike in Pui O (Lantau Island). Green trees and shrubs in every direction but the best part was the crisp cold water streaming down  the mountain as we climbed up. It's an amazing experience being with kids that are just experiencing the outdoors for the first time. They really loved it. 

Half way up the mountain we got to swim in an area that was almost surreal. Absolutely untainted, the water was crispy cold...but nothing like how it feels in a cold swimming pool! The kids got to ...Read more

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Going back to work

Let me just say that I am a terrible writer. Never was great at it. Anyway here goes my first blog:

Going back to work after a long break is a funny feeling. I can remember the thoughts I would have thinking I still had two full months to go after already a month on holiday. Then all of sudden two months turned into one month which shrunk into two weeks and finally I am only a few hours away from reality. I like reality though. Hong Kong can be such a fantasy land if you don't check yourself from time to time. I had loads of fu...Read more

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