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Week 9: COULDN'T WAIT! This one is Fiiiyaaa! It's 'The Count-down 2 My Baby...Girl!'

Title: ThreatsProducer: Jay Weezy MC/Rapper/Singer: Jay-Z

Samples: No


This beat to me is just fiiya. Straight Fiya! Can you say "do dirt?" Hmm...

Jay-Z is on it. 'Threats' from the Black Album. Holla!

This is a dope picture by the way...

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Week 8: The video that makes it all official! It's the 'Count-down 2 My Baby...Girl!'

Title: Kiss KissProducer: Jay Weezy MC/Rapper/Singer: Chris Brown Feat. T-Pain

Samples: No


This video was completely taken in the moment of it all. We are coming back from the hospital after finding out we are having a baby girl! Trang is in the background yelping and screaming the news on the phone. Hard working me is making a remix. The news is really exciting because we initially didn't want to know until the day of. ...Read more

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Week 7: 'Count Down 2 My Baby

Title: Baby By MeProducer: Jay Weezy MC/Rapper/Singer: 50 Cent Feat. Neyo

Samples: No


This one is for the ladies. I originally thought this one would be ill for a Keri Hilson acapella but I couldn't find any of hers. I came across the 'Baby By Me' acapella and I think it conveys the message pretty well. The beat is a lil' four bar loop for now. If someone want it that's when the breaks come in! Enjoy.

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Week 6.1 'Count Down 2 My Baby'

I thought that maybe the last video wasn't enough..here's something that's current and on some left-fieldnesss!

Title: Money to Blow Producer: Jay Weezy MC/Rapper/Singer: Birdman Feat. Drake & Lil' Wayne

Samples: Yes


When I first made this beat it reminded me of Jay-Z & Blueprint 3. More specifically " Off That" with Drake. I couldn't find that acapella so I got...Read more

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Week 6 'Count Down 2 My Baby'

Here's the promised video of the 'Once Again' instrumental with Jay-Z and 'Who You Wit.' Recorded in the summer at my boys Omar & Jamie's crib in T-Dot. What ya'll think?

Title: Who You Wit Producer: Jay Weezy MC/Rapper/Singer: Jay-Z

Samples: Yes


I feel like its got that energy. Old school energy. Funkness. Straight "I love b*tches!"

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Week 3,4,5 'Count Down 2 My Baby'

Back from the holidays with new beats for ya'll. I know I've been slacking but hey...

Title: Stay On Top Producer: Jay Weezy MC/Rapper/Singer: T.I.

Samples: Non


This beat I see T.I. on. Picture his flow from 'Bring'em Out' and you will have a pretty good idea how this beat could go down. The content of this track would be describing how T.I. be stayin' on top of the game. ...Read more

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Week 2 Beat Blog Entry - 'Count Down 2 My Baby'

First off..I know I am late! But probably not many people are fused about it anyway!

Well anyway I've come up with a brilliant idea. Do you know I am having a baby?? Well now you do! I thought it would be a dope idea that I do a count down to when my baby is born, June 5th. What I am going to do is post a beat up every week till June 5th. That would mean 26 beats from the first week I've posted to the due date. Lets make it 25..it has a nice ring to it don't you think ; )

I...Read more

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Week 1 Beat Blog Entry v2

It's funny how mixing and mastering can change how a track feels entirely. I discovered Logic a day after I posted Week 1's Beat Blog entry..I have to say..it changed everything. I don't see Jim Jones on it no more. I see UGK. Content would be that classic UGK talk about keeping their pimp hand strong, counting paper, riding dirty in candy paint..keeping it Port Arthur. Having a real engineer work on this would be heaven. Keep it pimpalicous peopl...Read more

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Week 1 Beat Blog Entry

Title: Hand Me a Nine Producer: Jay Weezy Samples: Non


Definitely reminiscent of the 90's. Difference here is I made the bass line be the apparent driving force behind the track. I wanted it like that so I could have a 'slow-flow,' 'swagger-rific,' 'vocally present' rapper on it like Jim Jones. My perception of hip-hop in the 90's was that the elements that were used in a track (i.e. drums, bass line,...Read more

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Can't Believe It (Weezy Remix) - T-Pain Feat. Lil' Wayne

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bl5OjWKCho

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