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Fellow groovers,HETEROgENIUS is bubbling away in preparation for the next slamming party.  Be sure to join the facebook group for invites to our events, and to get the latest news.  Check the myspace page for photos etc.Links are...facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17097404922&ref=share myspacehttp://www.myspace.com/heterogeniusmusic Read more

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Moving forward

This is a quick note to keep my profile relevant.  I never have been much of a blogger.

We're approaching the first HETEROgENIUS party, which is a concept I've come up with aiming to pull different people together to have parties/events and recognize newer talents from a broader spectrum than Hong Kong might be used to.  It's a result of having held successful Dumb Boat Ninjas parties and wanting to elaborate on the vibe we created.  

The angle is non-exclusive, cheap, if not free, no bullshit events where the music...Read more

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Howdy!  Soooo, another useful web page to use.  Another few hours a week my current job will lose from me.  Is there going to be a page to end all pages?  Doubt it.  I reckon, as in fashion and music, everything runs in cycles, so somewhere down the track, if we can remember how to write and how to buy stamps, we'll be writing and posting formal invites etc to each other.  I always loved the feeling of getting something in my post box.  Especially records.

I am DJ Forest, of Juice Pioneer Regional DJ Quest champion '07 fame, and one half ...Read more

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