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zack polson

Growing up

I'm 18 now. It's crazy haha. Thinking about all the memories I have with everyone, it seems like only yesterday I was a shy and quiet kid. Since joining this website, so many things have happened to me. I almost lost my life one summer due to a spleen injury. I was bleeding on the inside. I lost a girlfriend of mine, whom I will never see again. I got my black belt finally. I've trained in 4 different styles of martial arts and I joined a band. Everything went from bad to great in a matter of 4 years. I'm blessed to have all the friends in my life, the people that have been there for me when I needed them most. I guess reality hit me once I realized that life doesn't wait for you, it just happens. So now I sit here typing this blog as a new and improved person. CT is back everybody.

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zack polson

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