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Let's Sea ~

It's been long time that my sister works 6 days a week. Last weekend was her first long weekend. Then we won't miss this chance.

Long time no S.E.A ..... Let's Sea ~!

Our trip start at 5.30 pm when the bus leave gate 7 of the southern bus terminal. With 171 Bht ticket, we arrived Huahin around 9 pm, 3 hours onboard. Our hotel was only 5 min from bus station then we drop our backpack before went back to night market for 1st dinner at *Koti restaurant, place where you can find seafood with the resonable price.

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Color of life.

Last Sun, my sis n I went to 100th aniversary Sanamchan Palace Fair. After hear about this beautiful palace for so long, both in class and out, finally I was there ..... Alas I forgot that I can't avoid bumping among the crowd. T-T   

Beside the postal area where I got occassional stamp and sent postcard to friends and fam, I love this open...Read more

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Yesterday while i was during a meeting, Matt called me. He just came from US and will be here for a month before go back. Since he will go visiting his fam on the next day, then we made an appointment for dinner last night, with a bunch of friends.

Even we live in the same big city, I never met the whole bunch for no less than 5 years. We met around 7.30 . Then eat ~ chat ~ laugh til 9 ....................... felt so great !!

Thanks Matt for your comin and callin ..... muah


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Rainy Day

It was my sister's day off then we went to our fav bookstore. Even we went there for many times, that was my 1st time found this corner so cool.


... might be Rain....

Share the moment of Classic n Modern.

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Final Round

After 6 months in class, it's time to check how good we are. 

The final round started with Oral test.... Gosh... mi head turn blank when i was infront of 2 teachers. After introduced miself, they gave mi a paper with six topics about RICE. How rice is important, kinds, ceremonies and rituals concerned, food made from rice, how to cook and taste.... 3 mins seems not enough. Did not dare to expect good score..... 壓力很大很大的...

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Thanks you guys for all comments and supports. It really helps.

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