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Blog: Thursday, Aug 28

I wake up very early this morning. Then I have enough time to take a bus from my place to office, plenty of time to have breakfast at canteen.

This is the cheapest breakfast at my workplace, 5 Baht each ~ costs 15 Baht for entire meal. [Currency  1USD = 33 Baht, can you imagine how cheap?]. However, this meal will finish after 8am.

My office is on the far left. But you cant see the building through the garden.


haha ~ just another ordinary morning, but wanna tell you guys.... 'i m Alive not Dead'

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hey cray,missing you!!!ur lucky u got a lovely resto near work...i dont n hospi food is dreadful!including our canteen.=(
over 11 years ago
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crayon!!!!!!!!! hehehe miss u lot this blog been a very long time~~ hehe happyy yo know u r fine
over 11 years ago
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mmmm 很清淡的早餐呢
over 11 years ago
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Yumm... thats nice 4 the price... =.=
over 11 years ago
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Good that you have access to cheap and healthy meals. Porridge is great to clean the intestines and vegetables are my fave. Can I join you?
over 11 years ago


Thanks you guys for all comments and supports. It really helps.

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