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Another worksheet from my busy day

I did not work this on my sketchbook. As you can see printing behind, it's worksheet. Yes...i drew him during my work hour while my boss was out for meeting

I use PS CSIII to de-tattoo his face, white shirt and some light on his jacket. Actually, I should do another shading on his face but ... time to work, again.  

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Photo 57161
This is wonderful. Love it !
over 11 years ago
Photo 43609
棒! 好帅的男生。
over 11 years ago
Photo 55715
Hehe crayon u always drew handsome guys on blog~It is cool and i have a good hope i'd better not fall in love wz it~~ have a nice day and happy to see this cute pic
over 11 years ago
Skinph55 c6 img 1924
Who is this cool guy? You are so good with your hands.
over 11 years ago
Skinph55 c6 img 1924
You mean this guy doesn't exist and he is part of your inspiration?
over 11 years ago
Photo 45602
ur simply awesome CrayO!!! =) doing this on such short time and recycling....gifted...
over 11 years ago


Thanks you guys for all comments and supports. It really helps.

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