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A Place call HOME ~

My sister and I never missed new year party @home, I meant real home with mom and dad and our big family. Our hometown is in the southern, and for sure, we made our ticket reservation 2 months in advance.

My sister was stuck with this since mid Dec, Hilary Clinton's book.

Arriving safely b4 night fall.

Mom and brother picked us up at the airport.

Day 2 @ home, mom and brother and sis and I went to my aunt's place. My sis and I gave a present, not big in size but not kinda cheap .. ha ha.  And she was really kind treated us Seafood Lunch. This restaurant is only 5 kms from her home.

 Squid ~ Crab Meat ~ Fish Cake ~ etc. Yummy ............ Yummmmmmmyyyy. Never tired of southern Seafood Taste. ^o^

Can't stay overnight with her this time but i will, next time.

With this Vaio, I kept myself home in Day 3 and never emerged from the shell til next day's afternoon, met other auntie from my dad's side.

Auntie married to German and they have 2 sons. After my uncle in law passed away 7 years ago and after her both sons graduated, my auntie stays in Thai longer, only couple of months in German. She seems plan to settle here by open the Grocery Store. Nearly one year I didn't meet me, it's time.

I took this pix by my Nokia N70ME while i was on motorcycle. My house located in the orchard and we have to cross this railroad to go to the market.

NYE at my grandpa's place. Seafood again but by house recipe =)

Dec 31 is my cousin's birthday. He's at my age and we are kinda closed. Party ended around 8pm and we 2 siss went back home with mom and dad. Why ppl around the world were counting down, our family slept tight  (_ _)zz.


Happy New Year 2008 ... (^o^)/

Like a other Thai family, we start our new year with making merit by offering foods to monks. Here's my big family, again ^^

After breakfast, we have to start our journey again to catch the flight.

It was rain since last year, Dec 31 --'', rain rain and rain and that why i'm still cough, not full recovery as I expected. T-T

Surrat Thani Airport in Day time.

Before walk baggage through X-Ray machine.

Many ppl came here ~ standing by. That's never in my mind, standing by in this hi-period.

You know, i ever been in Taipei with only this grean backpack !!

On the hallway to aircraft, see the rain drop on  the mirror and that grey sponge over the sky?

Bangkok Donmuang Airport, the old one before Suwannabhumi airport nowsaday.

These's how I spent my days in the place call Home ~

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Thanks you guys for all comments and supports. It really helps.

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