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just another Saturday Night

It was  just a few minutes before midnight when I started drawing. I got new toys from the art store last weekend and want to know if it works well with Oil Pastel. Yes, it works  I completed the detail, even you guys see it was not complete yet ~ cant help, this Sunday morning.

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From my sketchbook

Actually, my model is asian but ...

I cant help colored her.

Another girl on a latest page of my current sketchbook.

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Another worksheet from my busy day

I did not work this on my sketchbook. As you can see printing behind, it's worksheet. Yes...i drew him during my work hour while my boss was out for meeting

I use PS CSIII to de-tattoo his face, white shirt and some light on his jacket. Actually, I should do another shading ...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Aug 28

I wake up very early this morning. Then I have enough time to take a bus from my place to office, plenty of time to have breakfast at canteen.

This is the cheapest breakfast at my workplace, 5 Baht each ~ costs 15 Baht for entire meal. [Currency  1USD = 33 Baht, can you imagine how cheap?]. However, this meal will finish after 8am.

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r.a.i.n.y . . . s.e.a.s.o.n


It was 1130 in the morning when I took this picture. I was on the way back to my office after morning meeting. Rain brighten up this green field. I love fresh bright green lawn but it would be better if sunshine was not blocked by grey clouds.

The Royal Ploughing Ceremony which was held on 09 May mark the begining of grow...Read more

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Most works in my sketchbook are black tone or sepia by charcoal, charcoal pencil, conte and pencil. I picked these two from few colored paints.

This are from my second sketchbook. I spent half night with this work. Without pencil draft, I painted it with Oil Pastel, one of my favorite media.

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bZ~est days

Well ... it's another bZ~est days with my latest project. Since I won't change my plane for vacation, I have to get all assignments done within this coming week.

No time for new painting or any drawing, I share these two pictures from my old sketchbook.

Boy from imagination ... you know who ?!?!

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Believe in Love

Again during my tough hours at work,I sketched ... from my imagination. With the magic of Photoshop CSII, I started my second task.


And you know why i have t...Read more

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First try

My first try on PhotoShop not finish yet. But i want my profile Alive not Dead. That's why my sugar fam and you guys got Him.

Again, have to work more with shadow on ears, eyes, lips, neck ... etc. haha ~ have to cover all, actually.

Happy Chines New Year ~ bunch Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Jan 30

2B pencil on sketchbook.

Try to do something new in style. You might feel nothing but just manga. But I know exactly what I feel.

Another drawing in aftnoon working hour. Unfortunately, I can't finish it since my boss was back f...Read more

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Thanks you guys for all comments and supports. It really helps.

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