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Life as SINGLE lady.. ^_^ ..

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This is CREATIVE.. ^_^ ..

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La6T8Bq6CsU

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Wow... 1212 days

I am really shock.. Just finisehd reading Jason's blog about 11:11 things.. then googled and found out this 11:11 thing also related to 1212...

It had been a long long time since my last entry to my personal information.. and once I enter just now, I found out this : -


COINCIDENT??](/batch.download.php?aid=5298488)<...Read more

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Michael Jackson

DearMichael,Thank you for being my first idol who accompany me throughout my childhood and till today,You will always be in my heart...Hope you can become Peter Pan in the other world...Rest in Peace...Love,

One of your fan who always supoort you,Cokie

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Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia

No longer working in  Kota Kinabalu, even there is big possibility that I'll go back there again.. hehehe...  

Anyway, just want to share some photos that I took when I pay visit to  Sandakan in Sabah. In fact, that's not a trip, I need to go there for meeting every once a month, so for my final meeting, I took late flight, so I have some time to visit around with a good "guide" (hehe.. that's my colleague actually)...  

Here, some photos that I took and edited.. please dont misunderstand, the...Read more

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Just wanna share some old/new TV advertisement in Malaysia.. which I think is good, and many people who remember it.. ^_^ ..

The only car ad I remember:-

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOJJ21g6Ydg Malaysia is form by 3 major races, The Malays, Chinese and Indians.. Here the special ad by Petronas for every race's main celebration, which I think is meaningful and I love it..

For Malay's Raya: -

Video: Read more

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Current Status...

Well.. well..

Just to update little bit about me..

I had resign, and now I'm "jobless" now.. wakakakaka... actually have planning, even dont really clear what will happen next..

I'm now finally in my home sweet home.. will surf net for job, and of course, newspaper, friends and etc way.. ^_^ ..

I'm very very flexible to work anywhere (thanks to my country that make me free to go anywhere, except Isreal).. so, if I have the chance to work in especially Africa (My dream land, want to exp...Read more

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Meet up.. AnD

Wahahah... a meet up that only 2 people... Anyway, it is a good start and it is really nice meeting with Bleupluie(Sono)..

here.. photos of the meeting.. ^_^ .. Hehe... edit "little bit"... cause...Read more

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Fun Art

Received these forward mail from friends, and I think this is fun and this is ART.. .so... Wanna share and hope you all can "have a smile a day".. ^_^ ..

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Heard this song first time about 2 weeks ago.. in a pub here name Cocoon, sang by a band name 3rd Degree from Philippine, but the origin band who sing this song name "Aegis"..

Anyway, just feel like to post this song here, I love it.. so.. wanna share.. ^_^ .. Enjoy!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zCUzLFUQaQ&feature=related

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