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Red Crif ~赤壁~

Recently I am interested in watching the movie.

I did't have free time for me in years, but I can have the time for myself finally in now.

The other day, I participated in the DVD preview of "Red Crif Part Ⅰ" with my friend. 



I've studied Chinese for two years, so I feel a Chinese movie...Read more

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VanNess Event & GEISAI Museum 2

Mine was a winning number in the lottery!

I can participate in the events of VanNess both daytime performance and evening it, May 10.

I have been only to his concert two times, Japan and Malaysia.

It is my first time to see him in such an event.

So I'm looking forward to this chance very much.

How happy I am so I can havesuch a chance!

This time is very impatient for me.


VanNess will make a guest appearance to GEISASI the next day.

In GEISAI, h...Read more

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Oshogatsu -- New Year’s Day in JAPAN

I introduce “ Oshogatsu” to you.


New Year's Day is the most important event in Japan.

Preparations begin with putting out pine and bamboo decorations- Kadomatsu , sacred straw festoons- Shimenawakazari and round rice cakes- Kagamimochi.

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My favorite song♪

I join in a chorus group.

We will go to China to perform some songs on June next year.

So, I have to remenber about 20 songs, 8 Chinese songs, 5 musical number on English and some Japanese songs.

Additionally, in some musical number, we dance!

I'm anxious whether I can rememver them.

Because, the pronunceiation of Chinese is very difficult for me, it's not for me ONLY.

I'm studying Chinese language, therefore I manage to read Pinyin.

I try my best!!

This is Chinese ...Read more

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Do you know "Dragonball"?

"Dragonball" is a one of Japanese famous anime seriese.

When Son Goku who is hero  is angry,  he transforms to Super Saiajin.

<...Read more

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       Do you know KangTa?  He is a famous Korean singer who is the partner with VanNess in their album [SCANDAL].

       Yesterday, I went to his concert with my best friends to have exciting times!  When honestly saying, I hardly have known his songs.   But, his singing voice arrived in my mind.   He sang his original songs, some jazz nu...Read more

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I found VanNess ☆

VanNess's performance of Asia Song Festival was introduced in a website in Korea.  It's a frash video.

http:// www.ah atv.co .kr/Ne ws/Det ail.as px?cSn =1&pSn =6151

Let's watch~~~!

He sang 「Never Let You Go」 and 「My Kingdom」♫.

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JATA event presents

I went to JATA World Travel Fair 2007 with my darling last weekend.  Many countries all of the world were introduced there.   Some coutries I'm interesting are Taiwan, Malaysia and Dibai.

Taiwan...it's very nice! So there is F4. 

Malaysia...I have a lot of memories, because my darling has lived in KL on business, and I also have been to KL many times.  Of course, I went to VanNess's second solo concert in KL, too!!!

D...Read more

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Welcome to Japan, VanNess!

Today at 16:42 pm, VanNess arrived at Narita Airport in Japan. 

He came to Japan for work.  But we supporting him will not be able to meet him, because F4 include VanNess have press conference toward many reporters as the image caractors of Taiwan sightseeing bureau.

But, I could see him   So, I went to Nrita Airport to see VanNess!

It is best day today in my life.....


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Dear all VanNess Fans!! I am looking forward to meeting a lots of VanNess Fans here. I hope we will talk him and a lot about ourselves. If you please, do

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