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Wu Minxia (吴敏霞)

Although I share the same family name as Chinese Olympic Diver, Wu Minxia( 吴敏霞), I don't think she and I are related; at least not closely.   I do enjoy watching the Chinese women divers though - they are fit and very precise.  They have to go through a very tough life though ...Read more

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40 Singapore foods we can't live without

Singapore cuisine has an interesting mix of Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian foods.  I was told to try as many of them as I could while I was visiting in 2007.

I did try several of them - Chicken rice (note is it not called chicken AND rice), Char kway teow, Carrot cake (chai tow kuay), Fried Hokkien mee, Rojak, Laksa, BBQ chicken wings, Satay, Roti prata, Pepper crab, but my favorite was the Chili crab - it is soooo delicious!!!!

Here...Read more

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Getting married in South Korea? Bring a lot of cash!

This was a recent article in Reuters.  You can find it here:


"...in South Korea a couple wanting to get married also needs cash, a lot of it - nearly ...Read more

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Actress Jun Ji-hyun (전지현 or 全智賢) ties the knot

The " Sassy Girl" is off the market!  (Lucky guy!)

"Top actress Jun Ji-hyun, a.k.a. Gianna Jun, married a Korean businessman at Hotel Shilla in central Seoul on Friday, waving goodbye to single life.

She tied the knot with Choi Jun-hyeok, the grandson of acclaim...Read more

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Chi-ling: No guy asks me out

This really surprises me!  If I knew how to contact Lin Chi-Ling, I would definitely ask her out!  One of my friends recently asked me who I thought was the prettiest woman there is, and I quickly said, "Lin Chi-Ling" 林志玲. :)

Chi-ling: No guy asks me out(article from Read more

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Some more Japanese maples

Here are a couple more photos of my Japanese maple trees:

First, Tamukeyama (it was the last one to wake up from the winter dormancy):

Kamagata: (the red edges show up better now)


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Japanese maple trees in my yard

Here are four of the five Japanese maple trees that I have in my yard (they are very small right now, but hopefully in a few years, they will fill out).  The fifth one is a red dissectum (Tamukeyama) and hasn't opened up it's leaves fully yet.  I'm still trying to decide if I should buy a linearilobum Japanese maple (that is one with very fine leaves).

Acer palmatum &q...Read more

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Painted Skin (畫皮)

Video: http://youtu.be/9lr7mg_0PQc I've seen " Painted Skin" once already, but I was recently able to see the director's version.  I didn't notice much differences (unfortunately - looks like the editors did a good job, so there wasn't much cut out).  The movie is not as scary as some people think it is, not really scary at all, in my opinion.

I barely recognized...Read more

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A Moment to Remember (내 머리 속의 지우개)

Video: http://youtu.be/iZxutTdYmRw I have watched the Korean movie, A Moment to Remember (내 머리 속의 지우개), years ago, but I recently was able to watch the Director's Cut (which is about 27 minutes longer).  Although some critics say this movie is nothing more than a advertisement for Coke Cola or a long music video, it's definitely still one of my favorite Korean movies.  Very sad ...Read more

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Koshonin 交渉人 (Season 2)

Video: http://youtu.be/CVktraf__vs I enjoyed the first season / series of Koshonin - it's a Japanese drama about Usagi Reiko, a woman Negotiator (usually hostage situations, but other situations often come into the series, such as attempted suicides and mad bomber types).  The lead character is played by Ryoko Yonekura.  Some people kno...Read more

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