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Shark fin soup 魚翅湯

Here's a nice advertisement trying to get people to not eat shark fin soup  (魚翅湯)

Besides being very high priced, there are reports of mercury content in the fins (since sharks are the apex predator).  I think people wouldn't think it's so bad except the practicing of finning (cutting the fins off the sharks, then throwing the live shark bod...Read more

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shark fin soup, plane tickets and Hong Kong women

There have been a couple of famous videos showing Hong Kong women lately - first, there was the video about the woman who freaked out at Hong Kong International Airport (Chek Lap Kok) because she missed her flight:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i57IwNGu_qQ&fmt=18 Next,  there was this woman who threw a tantrum because a restaurant was out of shark fin soup.

Video: Read more

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Blood: The Last Vampire

Like most people (one of my aunts is an exception), I thought Jeon Jihyun was excellent in "my Sassy Girl" and "Windstruck" (I also liked her in "Il Mare" and "Daisy").  Anyway, her current movie, "Blood: The Last Vampire" based on the anime series is out in theaters now (except the theaters here.... seems like I miss out on most of the movies I want to watch which are not blockbusters).  I'm loo...Read more

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Uniqlock Project

This Uniqlock Project always cracks me up (the nice thing is that it reminds me of the date and time in Tokyo).  From UNIQLO Co., Ltd.

I also like their Calendar - which used time lapse photography of scenes in Tokyo.

According to Wikipedia.org:

UNIQLO Co., Ltd.(株式会社ユニクロ, Kabushiki-gaisha yunikuro) - is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer...Read more

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And people wonder why I like Singaporean women so much!

This Singapore girl, Sabrina Ng, is a talented and big fan of the Transformers!

(and people wonder why I like Singaporean women so much!)

Here's her eBay (Singapore) page - she does some very nice work!


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Mimosa pudica (Sensitive Plant) 含羞草

I decided to visit the local Botanical Garden yesterday (after having lunch at the local Singapore restaurant - they no longer serve soup and salad with their lunches and they've trimmed back on their Singapore offerings for lunch - boo!!!  Well, I guess times are tough right now).  I wanted to see if they had any of the Sarracenia (pitcher plants) that I was looking for sale, but they didn't, so I will have to order those (I'm looking for two hybrids, "Ladies in Waiting" and "Daina's Deligh...Read more

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Phone call from Hong Kong

Last night, my fish breeder friend in Hong Kong, Wayne Ng, gave me a call.  He said he saw the videos I've posted of his fish and his business is doing well.  He recently went to Singapore to judge some fish at the Aquarama show.  Unfortunately, his wife was bored because she had been there several times already.  Wayne told me that one of his importers in Canada wants to use my videos on his website, but that guy doesn't know me well enough, so he asked Wayne to contact me.

Anyway, Wayne invited me back to visit him...Read more

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Uploading Hi-Def video onto youtube.com

Over the last couple of days, I've been uploading a few videos onto youtube.com - these are only around 5 minutes long (from my visit to my fish breeder friend, Wayne Ng威恩水族 七彩神仙魚in Hong Kong 香港), but they were captured in Hi-Definition and came out to be roughly 900MB in size.  I couldn't believe how long it took to upload; I literally setup the videos for uploading and left my PC on overnight.  This morning, it was just finishing up.  Each video took roughly 5 hours to upload!  And I do have highspeed intern...Read more

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"Old Town God's Temple Square snacks" (老城隍庙小吃广场)

I've been told this is a GREAT place to eat in Shanghai - that it is unique in that it serves all the different Chinese cuisines from the different regions of China.  Also, I've heard its clean and the price is reasonable. Has anyone been there to give me a review? (photo from ddmap.com)


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