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Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂)

I'm curious to watch Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂) - that's a recent Jet Li ( 李連杰)movie.  No martial arts, but it's received some good reviews and has a good story:

"Oceans Heaven follows a terminally ill father working in an aquarium and struggles to look after his 21 year old autistic son Dafu ( Wen Zhang)who attempts to find his son a suitable home before he passes away. The father Sam Wong (played by Jet Li) has single handedly brought up his son s...Read more

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節快樂!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節快樂!

eat some moon cakes! :)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL3y0eofup8

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Oo-Suzumebachi (オオスズメバチ)(大雀蜂、大胡蜂)

Japan is home to the largest hornet of them all, The Japanese giant hornet ( ) Oo-Suzumebachi ( オオスズメバチ(大雀蜂、大胡蜂)"Giant Sparrow Bee".  These have been shown to destroy a hive of European honey bees, but the native Japanese bees will form a ball on the intruding hornet and literally heat it up until it dies.The Japanese giant hornet is large and fearsome, but it is not particularly aggressive unless it feels threatened. It has a...Read more

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Venomous snakes in Hong Kong

Just out of curiosity, I decided to look into the venomous snakes of Hong Kong.  Now I realize, I need to be more careful the next time I go off the main roads (not sure if any of these were on Lantau Island, but I was tempted to go exploring some of the trails there, but I wanted to go visit the fishing village of Tai O, so I skipped the trails).

One of my HK friends told me that fortunately, she's never seen a snake in HK other than in a shop.

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Japanese archery, Kyūdō (弓道)

I've always thought Japanese archery, Kyūdō (弓道), looks so interesting. The bow (Yumi) is really tall and held off center. Once the arrow is released, the bow is allowed to rotate in the archer's hand. All of that just seems so unconventional (although I can see why if you're riding a horse and your bow is very tall, you would need to hold it off center).  One of these days, I'd like to watch The Tōshiya (通し矢, とおしや) archery exhibition at the Sanjūsangendō (三十三間堂) temple ...in Kyoto (although it's jam packe...Read more

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Coca-Cola (可口可樂) TV commercial in China

I like this Coca-Cola (可口可樂) Commercial starring Chinese singers: Zhang Shaohan and Pan Weibo.  I'll have to try this trick someday. 

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANfFwFqTS9o Whenever I travel overseas, I try to pick up a can of either Coca-Cola or Pepsi as a souvenir. 

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I have

to admit, I'm looking forward to watching Maggie Q's (李美琪) new TV series

"Nikita" (based on the original French movie and the TV series, "La Femme Nikita").... um maybe just to watch her martial arts skills? (actually she does know taekwondo and has a history of doing her own stunts - pr...Read more

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Oishi - Green Tea

I thought this Thai advertisement for Oishi - Green Tea was very funny. 

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Japanese Prada Employee Fired For Being Too Ugly?

I have some Korean friends that keep urging me to buy Prada.  After seeing what happened in Japan, I'm not so sure I want to!  (I think I'd rather have the Yamaha RX-Z11 11.2-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver instead.).  The article is here on japanprobe.com.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55BClc5c...Read more

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Maybe no Takeru Kobayashi (小林尊) this year?

According to the news, eating champion Takeru Kobayashi ( 小林尊), might not be competing in this year's Nathan's Famous Hot Dog eating contest at Coney Island due to a disagreement in the contract.

I certainly hope that he competes - it's always fun to see Read more

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