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Okay, I changed my mind.  Instead of getting a Kanzan flowering cherry tree, I bought a Tamukeyama Japanese maple tree.  The reasons are because if there is a late frost (which happened this year), that can kill off all of the cherry buds, so no cherry blossoms.   Also, I read that many cherry trees get weak from disease and parasites after around 12-15 years and then they die!  So even though the Tamu...Read more

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I want to replace the Arborvitae with a Kanzan Cherry tree

I don't know why, but nearly half of my backyard was landscaped to be covered by pine straw mulch and the original landscaper had several juniper bushes mixed in with a few other trees.  I think it's a big waste of space and while I like most of the trees, I have dug up the juniper bushes and given them to a friend.  I also want to remove 4 Arborvitae trees and replace them with a Kanzan Cherry tree.

Juniper bush (I had 9 of these running along the far edge of my yard).  I dug al...Read more

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Tsunami (津波) in Japan

A lot of my friends are writing posts on their blogs about what happened in Japan and I'll follow along.  So far, I've heard from all of my friends in Japan except one.  I hope she is safe.

From all of the videos that I've seen, this one of Sendai seems to really show the amount of damage the tsunami caused (The reporter's commentary is rather annoying because he keeps repeating himself over and over, but the video footage shows just how deadly the tsunami was.):

Quite scary!

I have a friend who l...Read more

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Battle Royale 3D (バトル・ロワイアル3D)

Wow, I was surprised that they went through and converted  "Battle Royale" (バトル・ロワイアル, Batoru Rowaiaru) into 3D.

One of my friends told me she thought, "its the funniest movie...EVER!".

Another friend told me she thought was, "This is one f*cked up movie!".

I thought it was a dark and somber movie, but it was interesting to see how different people react differently in a stressful situation (and teachers really do like good students!). Read more

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Have a Happy Chinese New Year!

°("\ /") ~ ∩~∩  新年快樂!合家歡樂!財源廣進!

(◕‿◕) (◕‿◕) 萬事大吉!新年進步!平安健康!

(oo).(oo) 新春如意

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"Ip Man - The Legend is Born" (葉問前傳)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwEwJmcZo2w I watched "Ip Man - The Legend is Born" (葉問前傳). A prequel to the first "Ip Man" movie focusing on Ip Man's younger years learning Wing Chun and how he met his wife. While this movie doesn't have Donnie Yen in as the main character, Dennis To fills in nicely (and apparently he has studied Wing Chun 詠春拳). I enjoyed this movie better than the sequel "Ip Man 2&q...Read more

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Shanghai (諜海風雲)

Last night, I watched Shanghai (諜海風雲).

"Shanghai is a mystery thriller film.  In the months leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, an American agent from the Naval Intelligence Office (Cusack) arrives in Shanghai to find his friend (who is also an agent) Conner recently murdered. Determined to find out who killed Conner and why, he begins working at the Herald using the alias Paul Soames, a Nazi-sympathizer cover he used while stationed in B...Read more

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Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6MGxP2_oi8&feature=player_embedded I finally watched " Ocean Heaven" (海洋天堂):

It's about a terminally ill father (Jet Li - 李連杰) working in an aquarium and struggles to look after his 21 year old autistic son Dafu (Wen Zhang) who attempts to find his son a suitable home before he passes away. Jet Li did not ...Read more

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China's top female stars

Yes, like many Americans, I am a big fan of Zhang Ziyi ( 章子怡).  Some of my Asian friends wonder why, but I think she's very pretty and a good actress. Plus some people have said she is very nice in-person.  I think some Asians don't like her because she's risen to the top so quickly.  Others have told me they don't think she's very pretty.   For most Americans, she...Read more

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Sarah Sun (March 21, 1912 to December 24, 2010)

Tonight, my 98 year old grandmother died.

Back in October, she had a bad fall and suffered a compression fracture in her spine (T12 vertebrae). 
After that, she was in constant agony.  Pain medications only seemed to make her sleepy, but she would wake up regularly from the pain.  My aunts and my mother came into town to help my other aunt care for my grandmother -
she even needed help getting out of bed...Read more

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