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yesasia.com has a terrible return policy (Part II)

Here is their return policy:


So I sent them an email and complained about it.  They replied:

Thank you for writing to YesAsia!


For the RMA case under XXXX, an email reply was sent to you on May 3 informing that US$4.99 will be deducted from the refund of RMA# XXXXX as the total order amount has fallen below US$39. We have further explained this to you on our email dated May 26.


As you have already found from our website, this policy applies to all unwanted item returns.


As a goodwill gesture for this time only, we have now arranged a refund of US$4.99 by YesAsia credits. Please allow us to process this further and you may check "My account" for the additional credits in the coming days.


Please be reminded that we will apply our unwanted return policy for your future orders thus, we will deduct the relative shipping fee if the order will no longer be qualified for free shipping after the return.


Once again, thank you very much for your continued support with YesAsia.com.

So it looks like complaining DOES work!  I've been ordering from them since at least 2002.  Looks like they want to keep me as a customer after all!

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Way to Go! lol I learned from a professor that if you sent in a complaint to Starbucks, they'll give you a free gift card for their coffee and stuff too! hehe But ya, yesasia doesn't do so well....
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