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yesasia.com has a terrible return policy

Recently I placed an order with yeasasia.com (I've ordered from them for over 10 years and bought tons of DVDs, VCDs, and CDs from them).

On this order, I accidentally ordered Red Cliff I (the first movie) when I intended on ordering Red Cliff II (the second movie).  So I paid the shipping to return it (these days, it has to go back all the way to Hong Kong, even though there is a US office.).

So they receive the unopened DVD and yet they take money out of my credit, claiming it is for shipping of the original order!!!!  What the heck!?!?!?  I paid the shipping back to them and they still take money out for shipping?!?!?

I've complained to them, but they aren't willing to change, which means to me they don't want my business.  The way the economy is these days, most companies are bending over backwards to help get extra sales, what's wrong with yesasia.com?!?!?!

Time to buy from eBay, pokerindustries.com, or www.hkflix.com.

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That sucks :( I've ordered from them before but not all the time, I try to get most of my stuff here if I can because I really don't want to deal with cracked CD cases and whatnot. Plus, sometimes we have to pay extra duty and customs for items being shipped from US/Asia.
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