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"Wu Xia" or "Swordsmen" (武俠)

Last night, I watched " Wu Xia".  It was pretty good, I like mysteries because I try to figure them out/ solve them with the clues that have been presented by the director.  It stars
Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tang Wei.  Donnie Yen plays an mysterious character who was vaulted into fame in a small village by killing two known criminals.  Takeshi Kaneshiro stars as the detective who find it hard to believe that Donni's character (a simple man who works in a paper factory in a small village) could have killed the two criminals.  Tang Wei is Donnie Yen's character's wife.

Of course not is all what it appears and Donnie's character is revealed as the story goes on.

I liked the extras on the DVD - particularly the sections on Tang Wei ( 湯唯).  She said she was from the city and was surprised how nice it was in the country side and how clear the water was in the stream.  I think she's a very good actress and I don't know why some people hated her for being in " Lust Caution" (she did a good job in that movie too).

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