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Recently, I won a Panasonic 50" plasma HDTV.  Although I have been looking at a larger and better model (more connections and a few more features), this one will do.     Finally, I can switch my DVD player to wide screen + progressive mode and watch the anamorphic DVDs in their intended mode.  So far, my favorite is a concert by the 12 Girls Band ( 女子十二樂坊)in Tokyo's Budokan concert hall ( 日本武道館).  They used more cameras than the other concert DVDs (including at least one from the ceiling) giving more views of the band, plus they have a decent light show (lasers, spotlight, etc...), and the choice of songs is excellent too.

I used my tax refund to buy some new speakers (all the better to listen to the 12 Girls Band!), my original C-95 speakers were made by Kef and were 18 years old - the tweeter died on one of them.  I decided to buy a pair of Definitive Technology BP10B speakers - they use a bi-polar design (that means there are speakers on the front and rear).  They are expensive (just over $1,000.00US for a pair), but like I said, I used my income tax refund to pay for them.  I'm impressed at how wide the range of the sounds they can produce.

This morning I had to send a DVD back to yesasia.com... all the way to Hong Kong!  Apparently they have shut down their US office.  I had accidentally ordered the wrong DVD (I wanted "Red Cliff II", but ordered "Red Cliff").  Hope it will arrive there in 7-10 days and then once I receive credit, I'll put in another order for the correct DVD (and probably order some more movies).

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