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Twelve Girls Band (女子十二樂坊)

I really like the Twelve Girls Band (女子十二樂坊).  After Hurricane Katrina, they even made a stop over here to perform in concert (my guzheng teacher even had dinner with them).  Unfortunately, the members of the 2005 group are no longer in the band and they've been replaced by some youngsters who aren't releasing new CDs nor DVDs.  I read that some of the 2005 band members didn't like the way their manager wasn't promoting the group and I agree.  (Plus my guzheng teacher didn't like their manager either).

My guzheng teacher says all of their music is "pop" (she prefers the classical Chinese songs).  :)

Anyway, three of the members from 2005 (Shuang Zhang, Ma Jingjing, Zhan Lijun) formed a new group called, "Alive 2" and released one CD (in Japan ONLY!).  I have it on order, hopefully, I'll get it.  They were extremely popular in Japan and I really like the DVDs which were recorded in Japan (nice camera work, great venues, etc... and the discs are anamorphic widescreen).  That's the video above.

Here's a video of the 2005 group members.  Performing on the Great Wall of China:

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