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Tsunami (津波) in Japan

A lot of my friends are writing posts on their blogs about what happened in Japan and I'll follow along.  So far, I've heard from all of my friends in Japan except one.  I hope she is safe.

From all of the videos that I've seen, this one of Sendai seems to really show the amount of damage the tsunami caused (The reporter's commentary is rather annoying because he keeps repeating himself over and over, but the video footage shows just how deadly the tsunami was.):

Quite scary!

I have a friend who lives in Sendai (仙台市) which is close to the earthquake's epicenter, but fortunately she was visiting Tokyo when the earthquake and tsunami hit.  I am concerned that her home is destroyed, but she is safe.  I've not met her in-person, but a few years ago, she was kind enough to buy and send over to me a CD+DVD that was released only in Japan of the Chinese group, "Twelve Girls Band" ( 女子十二樂坊) which I really like (I still watch the DVD often).

Even though China had an earthquake in Yunnan at the end of this past week, I noticed that China has offered to help Japan out.

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glad to hear your friend was safe in Tokyo, i happened to stay nerby home. at that time. then saw the tsunami on live TV. was not able to believe it!!! 10 days past and situation is back to nomal in Tokyo. in the night, the town is dark to save electricity. but i think its not bad.
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