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Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa93drpm30E

Last night I went to watch "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", it's based on a novel.  Written by Lisa See.  Starring Li Bing Bing ("Forbidden Kingdom"), Jeon Jihyun ("My Sassy Girl"), directed by Wayne Wang ("The Joy Luck Club"), and produced by Wendi Murdoch (The "Tiger Wife" who saved her husband from getting a pie in the face).

It's a good movie; it about two women who are best friends (their relatives were also best friends) and the challenges in life. I don't know the movie was only given a so-so review; okay so maybe the critics don't know Chinese history during the Qing Dynasty or maybe they don't like that women don't speak perfect English.  Anyway, I enjoyed the movie very much.  I even notice Coco Chiang Yi's cameo appearance. :)  My only complaint is that Li Bing Bing is a bit older than Jeon Jihyun  (their characters are supposed to have the same birthdate in the movie).

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