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Shaolin (新少林寺)

I watched " Shaolin" tonight. Much better than the review I read, so I liked it. I will have to visit the Shaolin temple (少林寺) and the Pagoda Forest someday.  Lots of well known screen stars in this movie: Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Xing Yu, and Wu Jing.

The story is about how a warlord during the early times of China's Republic era is ruthless and greedy, only to be betrayed by his second in command (who is just as greedy for power).  With no where to go, the warlord seeks shelter at the Shaolin Temple, while his second in command searches for him.  (I won't spoil the ending).

I like the deleted scenes on the DVD; there was a humorous section where one of the monks (while disguised) rescues a singer and she goes to the temple to search for her hero.

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