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Shanghai (諜海風雲)

Last night, I watched Shanghai (諜海風雲).

"Shanghai is a mystery thriller film.  In the months leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, an American agent from the Naval Intelligence Office (Cusack) arrives in Shanghai to find his friend (who is also an agent) Conner recently murdered. Determined to find out who killed Conner and why, he begins working at the Herald using the alias Paul Soames, a Nazi-sympathizer cover he used while stationed in Berlin. He meets Anthony Lan-Ting (an influential crime lord) and Captain Tanaka at the German Consulate during an invitation only event. He later befriends Anthony when he saves Anthony during an attack on Japanese officers by the Chinese Resistance at a night club. Paul realizes that it was Mrs. Lan-Ling who actually organized the attack and decides to help her pass on messages. After finally meeting up with Conner's contact in the Japanese Consulate, Paul finds out that Conner had an affair with a Japanese girl named Sumiko and after searching her place, Paul uncovers numerous photos, which Conner took, in a darkroom nearby. Some of the photos include Captain Tanaka, other Japanese officers and the Aircraft Carrier Kaga. Unconvinced that Sumiko betrayed Conner, he determines to find the girl and get the answers he seeks. After a few more encounters with Mrs. Lan-Ting, Anthony Lan-Ting, Captain Tanaka and investigating at a Opium house, Paul realizes that Sumiko was Captain Tanaka's lover and was seduced by Conner to spy for him."  ... from wikipedia.org

A good solid mystery thriller movie staring Chow Yun Fat, Gong Li, Ken Watanabe, and John Cusack (usually with high talent means a good movie, but sometimes that's not the case, fortunately this is a good movie in my opinion).  Gong Li was great as her character of the wife of a Chinese gangster.  It hasn't been shown yet in the USA (scheduled release date is October 28, 2011), but it was released June 10, 2010 in Asia.   I liked the way they reproduced Shanghai in the early 1940's and noticed the Peace Hotel in the background on many scenes of the Bund.

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