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repairing my toys

Because one of the Hong Kong policemen (he was at the Tsim Sha Tsui YMCA on Christmas Night!!!) told me to go the wrong way to get to the harbor front, I had to rush to make it to see the Symphony of Lights show and accidentally dropped by camera, breaking the lens.  I ended up buying a new lens that isn't as nice (but tied me through the rest of my trip), and when I got back here to the US, I looked into getting my broken one repaired.  I sent it into Canon and got it back repaired for just under $100.00US (a new one costs over $400.00).

My Micro$oft Zune stopped working (I just got it as a birthday gift in February), so I sent it back to Micro$oft and hopefully they can repair/ replace it under warranty.  I've been uploading Chinese music videos (I love Chinese music videos!!! partly because here in the US, they are never shown on MTV and we don't have Channel V here) and then it just shut itself off.

I've been putting off getting my Nakamichi CR-7 cassette deck repaired, however recently I have been thinking of converting my old cassettes to CDs (using my PC), so I guess I'd better do it.  Nakamichi made the best cassette decks ever - most of my home theater consists of Nakamichi components.  (there's a Nakamichi showcase at the Paragon shopping mall in Singapore, but I didn't get a chance to visit when I was there!).

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hope everything goes well with u.
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i have checked nakamichi's page, and noticed that they dont sell any products in japan since last May. OMG. you can get them only out of japan.
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