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Red Cliff (赤壁) Part 2

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK2jkPzUTK0 While I was in HK for Christmas, I saw an advertisement for Red Cliff (赤壁) Part 2 - has anyone seen this movie yet?  I enjoyed the first one very much and read a couple of reviews of Part 2 (seems a lot of people liked it).  And of course, I think *Lin Chiling (林志玲)is extremely pretty. ( Zhao Wei (趙薇)is pretty too). :)*

When I saw my mother a few months ago, she kept trying to tell me a bit about the characters.

Since the first part didn't come to the US (at least not around here), I have to wait until it is on the 'net or out on DVD. :(

(tell me if you liked it, but don't tell me what happens!)  Thanks!

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here in japan part 1 was an exceptional hit for a chinese film. probably since the Kung Fu Hustle. there are many big fans of Three Kingdoms and is especially read by big man as like a business tactics book. eally looking forward to part2. Takeshi is the best .haha
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