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I'm an ABC. My parents are from China. I don't read nor write Chinese characters very well. 我是在美國生的(ABC). 我的父母親是中國人 - 父親在濟南市生的, 母親是在天津長大. 我的中文不太好.

Somethings about my heritage that I enjoy are: 1.) Keeping aquariums (I've been featured/ mentioned in a few aquarium magazines in the USA, England, Holland, and Japan). 我很喜歡水族館. (七彩神仙魚)

2.) Guzheng (I've taken some lessons and although not a traditional purist, I do like the 12 Girls Band). 我也喜歡聽古箏音樂-女子十二樂坊.

3.) Collecting name seals/ chops (I try to buy one from every Asian destination that I visit), particularly those of shoushan stone. 我也喜歡收集圖章-尤其壽山石.

4.) I like to watch Asian movies and listen to Asian pop singers so I won't forget what little Chinese I know. 我喜歡看中文電影也喜歡聽中文歌所以我不會忘掉中文.

5.) Right now I'm practicing taekwondo (yes, I know it's Korean). 我現在學韓國跆拳道.

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