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Namie Amuro "Dear Diary" and "Fighter"

Namie Amuro "Dear Diary" and " Fighter" were released on October 26, 2016.  "Dear Diary” is used as the theme song in the film, "Death Note: Light Up the NEW World", while “Fighter” is the ending theme song of "Death Note: New Generation" mini-series and the insert song for "Death Note: Light Up the NEW World".

The music video of the song, "Fighter" is included on the Deary Diary / Fighter special edition single that comes with a DVD. The music video features the shinigami Ryuk, Aama, and Bepo from the film. Namie Amuro interacts with the shinigami in the video, such as sitting with them at a dinner table which is covered with bowls of apples and grapes. In another scene, Aama is behind Amuro and her long arms wrap wide around Amuro, and Amuro has a similar moment with Bepo in a dark forest. ( http://deathnote.wikia.com)

Dear Diary video: http://mpo.fm/106338

Fighter video: http://mpo.fm/689924

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