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Micro$oft Zune

I received a replacement 8GB Zune, so I've been uploading more Chinese music videos.  I guess my fascination with Chinese music videos is that they are never shown on regular (or even most cable) channels here in the USA.  A few years ago when I was in Taiwan, I watched both Channel V and MTV China every chance I had! 

Anyway, it's actually quite easy to move videos from youtube.com onto your PC and then upload to your Zune (just use the download helper extension for FireFox).  I'm sure the digital rights/ copyright people are having a heartattack when they find out about this.  It's also easy to create .mp4 files from KTV karaoke VCDs using a video program like ULead's Video Studio (and if you have the original CDs, you can add the audio track, so you're not stuck listening to the vocals on one ear only).

Unfortunately the Zune software doesn't support Chinese characters nor does it allow for people to create playlists for videos - I can't even play all the videos sequentially!  No wonder people dislike Micro$oft so much!

Happy Easter to everyone!

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sounds easier for me to manage. but cant get it here unfortunately.. Happy Easter to you too!!!
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