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Incheon airport in Seoul, South Korea has been voted the best in the world.

Incheon airport in Seoul, South Korea has been voted the best in the world

I've been to all three of the top three airports and all three have been made from reclaimed earth (they basically built them from piling land into a harbor or bay until an island is formed!)  My comments on each...

#1.) Incheon International Airport- "ICN" (in Korean: 인천국제공항). I thought it is well organized, well laid out, nice and clean.  The currency exchange and the store employees could speak English.  They have someone (maybe more than one) walking around wearing a badge that says, "English speaker".  Lots of stores (almost like a mall) and several convenient food shops too.  My only complaint - although they have lots of restrooms in the terminal area, each restroom only has a handful of stalls, so during a busy time, I had to check SEVERAL of them for an unused toilet! Located just outside of Seoul, S. Korea and easily accessed via bus. #2.)Hong Kong International Airport- "HKG" (in Cantonese Chinese: Chek Lap Kok: 赤鱲角機場).  Also very well organized, well laid out, nice, clean, and again LOTS of stores.  The people that I've spoke with there do speak English.  The Hong Kong tourism board has a counter/ desk as you leave the terminal area and enter into the lower lobby.  You can also change currency AND buy the pass for the HK Airport Express train to the city (about a 30 minute ride) and you can also buy a combo HK Airport Express pass PLUS Octopus card which gives you 3 days of unlimited rides on their subways system (MTR) - you can add money if you want to ride beyond those 3 days.  If you show up at the Airport Station the day before you leave, you can check your luggage into storage.  I'm really impressed that they can check-in your luggage at the Airport Station in the city (so you don't have to drag it with you to the airport).  My only complaints are:

1.) it's not easy to find where to turn in your Octopus card to redeem the balance and

2.) while the internet access is free, it's only wireless!  You have to buy something at a coffee shop to use the wired PC internet stations.

#3.)Singapore Changi Airport - "SIN" (also about a 30-45 minute ride to the city).  As with the other two, Changi is well organized, laid out, nice, clean, and has some stores, but not as many as the other two.  Everyone speaks English and the security is top notch - I saw several military soldiers patrolling the corridors when I arrived and when I left, the airport security had a list of probably 30 questions to ask me about my stay and my luggage AND they were VERY polite and apologized for that interrogation.  In addition, at the gate, my shoes were inspected VERY thoroughly.  Singapore is safe and clean (in my opinion, cleaner than even Japan). Other nice things about Changi - if your layover is long, you can join a free tour of the city.  Changi has a swimming pool that you can use if you have a long layover and their new Terminal 3 has a "Green Wall" with trees and plants (like an indoor jungle).  There are many free internet stations around the airport (I really like that).  And don't forget, Changi was one of the first airports setup for the superjumbo Airbus 380 plane AND they currently have the longest non-miltary non-stop flight in the world (to Newark, New Jersy).  What I didn't like about Changi are:

1.) The train to the city doesn't run very late (my flight arrived at 1:00am) nor very early (my flight left at 6:00am), so I had to either get a ride from my friends or take a taxi and

2.) could have a few more shops and places to eat (in Terminal 1) - it's the oldest though.

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I really love HK Intl airport. I have a personalized Octopus card from my exchange student days so I can't turn mine in. I guess I'm just going to have to go back to HK every two years or so.
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