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Ignorance is bliss...

Last night, my guzheng teacher was being super stubborn about making a professional DVD in China - she wants one for giving out to symphonies/ orchestras in the USA so she can perform with them - similar to a video resume.  I told her to be careful because China is "PAL" video format and the US is "NTSC" and that video made there might not work here.

That opened a can of worms, she said: they are professionals, that the only reason why DVD's there won't play here is the quality of the discs, that players in China and Japan can play discs that are more scratched up, that she didn't know what I was talking about and I didn't know what I was talking about either, that her dumbass husband knows more about this than I do, that since one of her DVDs from China works here so all of them will, etc...  Sheesh, I'd have made more progress talking to a tree.  I even told her I have some DVDs from China that are PAL and I'd be happy to lend them to her to see for herself.

If anyone has ever imported DVDs from other countries you know there are two things which can affect compatibility:  1.) video format (either PAL or NTSC) and 2.) region zone coding.  Some places like Hong Kong and Singapore have DVD players and television sets which are compatible with both video formats (most of the Hong Kong DVDs are NTSC; S. Korea and Japan as well as Canada and the USA are all NTSC, most of the other countries like China and the European nations are PAL by default).  You can play both video formats on your PC (it's compatible with both).  Of course, here in the US, practically all of the television sets are NTSC only.

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