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I want to replace the Arborvitae with a Kanzan Cherry tree

I don't know why, but nearly half of my backyard was landscaped to be covered by pine straw mulch and the original landscaper had several juniper bushes mixed in with a few other trees.  I think it's a big waste of space and while I like most of the trees, I have dug up the juniper bushes and given them to a friend.  I also want to remove 4 Arborvitae trees and replace them with a Kanzan Cherry tree.

Juniper bush (I had 9 of these running along the far edge of my yard).  I dug all of them up and gave them away.  I think they look kind of disordered and scraggly.

I currently also have 4 Arborvitae trees - they are taking up too much space and I've already offered them to my friend.

What I want to replace them with is one Kanzan Cherry tree.

Unfortunately, this neighborhood is governed by a strict Home Owners' Association, with many rules.  I have to submit a plan/ proposal whenever I want to remove or plant a tree.  I will work on it this weekend.  I already have one weeping cherry tree - it's flowers go from pink to white.  I also have a Japanese maple tree - it's only a little more than 1 meter tall, so it has a long way to grow.  I want to plant grass so when I have a dog, it will have more space to run around. :)

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keep one for me by Xmas season, haha
over 9 years ago
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how beautiful~~
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