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Finally planted the Acer Palmatum

Three weeks ago, I FINALLY planted the two Japanese maple trees (Acer Palmatum) that I had bought earlier in the year (I wanted to wait until the fall, but when I contacted two landscapers to see if they would clear out the spots, I never heard back from them, so I decided to do the job myself and plant the two trees).  I used to have three evergreen trees in the backyard, but I wanted to remove those and replace them with these two Japanese maple trees.

I planted:

Acer Palmatum 'Tamukeyama' - dissectum (lacy/ cut leaf) variety:

Acer Palmatum 'Sango Kaku' - a green leaf variety with a coral red bark:

I hope they thrive - these two trees were not cheap, but they are rather small - only about 1 meter tall.

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