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I'm Published!!

As a birthday present to myself, I decided to finally finish a project I've been working on for like ever now! I have finally finished my first novel. A romantic-comedy written as a Christmas present for my best friend of 16+ years. I appreciate any and all support given by purchasing this book. Available in dl for your iPads and other eReaders as well.  Much Luv!Click the link below to purchase "Second Glance" by April Mann on LuLu.com.Read more

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Happy Friday The 13th

Hey Everybody! Happy Friday the 13th!! I love this day. Believe it or not, but it's my luckiest day of the year. When I was young, people would try to spook me with the superstitions of how unlucky this day was, begging me to avoid black cats, ladders, and anything that seemed odd, because the evil fairies would escape from Fairy World just to do harm to the innocent. lol. But, I decided to flip the script, and instead told myself that no matter what, this day would be my lucky day, and I would not allow anything bad to happen to me...Read more

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Happy Halloween!!

Halloween has to be, by far, my favorite holiday! When else on this big blue planet is it ok to dress up like a brain sucking zombie, pace the streets in the dark of night, knock on a strangers door, and get a miniture snickers bar tossed in your bag? No other day! That's the answer! At least no other day without getting picked up by the cops, or getting shot. So yes, today is my favorite holiday! so poo to all of you who decided to sit in your house all night and pretend that today is just another Saturday. And poo to all of you who sh...Read more

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October 30, 2009