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Thailand - Koh Samui

What a brilliant place, Thailand was brilliant! Ned and Abi's wedding was really really gorgeous!

Sun, Sea, Beach, Girlfriend, Good Friends, Cocktails, Jet Ski, Water Skiing, Snorkling, chased by lightening storms, Wrestle Masks, Custom Suit, Flips and Sommies and 3 massages! what a beautiful holiday

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Construction Site

Since I've moved back to HK working as a freelance designer, i've had the luxury of working my own hours, I can crawl out of bed whenever I like,even noon if i like.....but it all changed 2 weeks ago.

So what happened a fortnight ago? well the answer is power tools! the construction site that's less then 10 meters from my room window had started working on a lot of exterior work for that house. They start work around 8am most mornings, 5 days a week with only Sunday and Tuesdays off... The noise for a construction site ...Read more

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Self harm

When i was a teenager, I use to harm myself. I was extremely upset by a particular event and all of a sudden, i decided to cut myself. I still don't know what made me do it, I just felt i had to do it. I'm writing this in an attempt to find out why i did what i did and pray that no one else repeats my mistake. I look back now with so much regred, almost 10 years on and I can still see the scars on my arm on cold days.

I think it started when i was in high school. it started when a girl i thought i was in love with at the time got to...Read more

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What's your obsession?

As wrong as this may sound, I think it's only healthy we have something to be obsessed about, something that can grab our full attention. of course I only mean things that will not cause any harm to anyone else. This could be a person (You lover), an activity (Sex), a type of food (chocolate), a certain type of movie or music.

For me it's martial art, when I'm at the gym I can completely relax and forget about everything else, when I'm there, all i got to think about is how to fight or train better, nothing ...Read more

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I love kids, I've always enjoy playing/looking after kids, even when i was 10, I did a good job at looking after those younger then me and I've always imagined I'd be a Dad one day.

A very close friend of mine who had just moved back to new zealand had recently had their first kid, even through msn I could sense how proud and happy he is to be a dad. When I first started in my job he was very much like an older brother to me. he taught me a lot while we had a good laugh and got into a whole bunch of trouble. from that alone I k...Read more

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Like most people I've never really had much patience, when i was little if i wanted to go out and play, i would sneak out and do so. and "face the music" afterward.

but recent events had meant I might have to hold off my plans to quit my job and move back to HK for 3 months! to me 3 months is a LOOONNNNGGG time, Its already been 4 months since i decided to move back and EVERY SINGLE day so far I've been dreaming about telling my boss i quit and move back to my place of birth. so to think i've got to add 3 months on top ...Read more

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So damn bored of UK

Arrgghhhh, I'm so BORED of life here man. but i still have 4 months left til i go to HK. I can't wait. Not sure what's wrong with me recently but I'm either extremely tired, or absolutely hyper. Whenever I'm not falling asleep at work.  I constantly have to find things to do to keep myself busy. training is good. but there's only so much i can train due to injuries. its been so damn frustrating.

Due to some shoulder issues, I've stopped bouldering. but there's no way in hell I'm stopping tricki...Read more

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Surprisingly Good Mood

Surprisingly I'm in a very good mood tonight!

Works been a bit of a drag recently, there's very little going on and what little there is to do are very dull to say the least. so i was very glad its finally the weekend! There's been several occausions this week I nearly slipped about my plan to leave the company/country soon.... I hate hiding things from people. I like my life simple.

Training's been at a stop recently due to the summer holiday. Really looking forwarding going back to training.  Startin...Read more

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Change of plan? Design Vs Nutritions

I've been doing some thinking recently and have been having thoughts about going back to Uni and study Nutritions... it's only an idea I've been playing with, but alot of my close friends and even my ex-girlfriend thinks they can really see me doing a job like that.... I know it's something i'm really interested in, but could I have a career out of it? Do i really want to waste the past 6 years of my life studying and working as a designer?

If there are any Nutritionistout there, I would GREA...Read more

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Training progress been a bit slow recently. Just not noticing as much progress as I hoped. plus i've picked up a few bit of new injuries in the past few weeks. The main problem is something called compartment syndrome - it's basically my calf muscles are too tight and not allowing blood to flow to my feet, aside from that my lower back had also been playing up.

As a result i went to see an osteopath and was told do a bunch of stretches and muscle stabilizing exercises but the worst part is, I had to stop my TKD and gymnastics trainin...Read more

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