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This year, we, Chinese people, really have suffered a lot, from snowstorm雪灾 to Tibet Riot西藏暴乱, from Torch Relay Event火炬 to Wenchuan Earthquake四川地震, however, we have not been defeated, instead, we've become more united and show great resolution to overcome all kinds of challenges to make our country more thriving and prosperous.


Rescuers were frantically疯狂地,狂暴地searching for more survivors.

May all the victims rest in peace! Don't be afraid. We'll light the candle to bright your way to heaven, where there will be no more darkness, sorrow, pain and tears. Farewell, my dear compatriots...愿逝者安息! 不要害怕。我们会帮你点亮蜡烛来照亮去天堂的路,在那里不再有黑灯黑暗,不再有悲痛,不再有痛苦,不再有眼泪。一路走好,我亲爱的同胞。。。 

 ──May all the survivors walk out of this tragedy stonger. Remember, you're all not alone. We're always behind you. We are family! 愿幸存者坚强地从这悲剧恢复过来! 记得,你们不会是孤单的。我们会一直支持你们。我们是一家人!

──We are Chinese! We can overcome whatever disaster with our great national unity! Go, Sichuan! Go China! We will be with you forever.我们都是中国人。只要我们团结,我们能够征服任何灾难! 加油,四川!加油!中国!我们永远与你同在。

There is no love in disaster, but we have love in humans heart.

 That city was razed 破坏,消除,夷为平地to the ground by an earthquake.

 This earthquake give us very strong convulsion 惊厥;震动;震撼;动乱,let us feel that the life is so chickenshit琐碎的细节,渺小的 and valued. Natural affection and good-fellowship is so costful, reputation and benefit is so low-down . I wish every friends safe.生命如此渺小,亲情和友情的珍贵,名和利的卑微.祝愿每个朋友平安!

As long as there is even a little hope, we will redouble our efforts 100 times and will never relax our efforts.只要有一点希望,我们都会尽百倍的努力,绝不放弃。

Our firm bestowed many beneficences捐赠物

China recently has witnessed a series of disasters such as a heavy sownfall at the beginning of Chinese New Year, a sabotage ( 敌特、敌对分子等的)蓄意破坏;破坏活动of Olymplic Game Relaying by Tibetan separists, and a unprecedentally devastating natural calamityin Sichuan province. After a 8.0 magnitude earquake rocked in wenchuan county of Sichuan province on the very day that is on May 12th, hunderds of people died and got injured in that severe disaster.Also countless after shocks happened again every now and then.. It must be pointed out that we Chinese become only too strong to face up to the difficulties ahead of them! I’m so proud to be a Chinese!

 Blood is thicker than water血浓于水. Our veins are bounded 血脉相连.

All walks of life社会各界 made caring donation爱心捐赠 to the victims of the deadly earthquake in Sichuan.

The Ministry of Health has urged the public to donate blood to help victims of the quake that rocked Sichuan.

 Around 4:00 pm on May 14th,China's air force dropped 5 tons of disaster relief materials,including mineral water矿泉水,milk, instant noodles方便面, into Mianzhu City in quake-stricken Sichuan.

  The grand fund-raising show大型赈灾晚会 undertaken by CCTV attracted more than 1000 literary and arts celebrities, collecting RMB 1.514b in donations.

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 跟人见面第一句肯定要打招呼,如果你还停留在"Hello?" "How are you?" "How do you do?"的层次上,那你可能要听不懂美国人说话了。


  - How are you doing?

  - I'm doing good.

  How are you doing 这句话运用的最“出神入化”的要算是老友记里的Joey,他每次见到美女都会跟人家搭讪说“How are you doing.”


  How's everything going?


  What's up?

  这几句话都相当于“你怎么样?”“你好吗?”但如果细究,第一句似问对方最近一切是否顺利;第二句据说是从How do ye? 这句19世纪初的问候语简化而来;而第三句则侧重问对方最近有没有什么新鲜事,但实际也就是打招呼。

  回答可根据情况,比如答good、 not so good、okay 等。还有人说 Just hanging in there,意思是“就那么将就着,混呗!”这种说法挺形象,hang指悬在空中吊着,的确是在那儿将就着。此说法于上世纪60年代在嬉皮士中盛行。有些语言学家认为,这个说法最早源于体育界,用来鼓励弱队,坚持下去。如:Don't give up. Hang in there. (别泄气,坚持下去。)

So long!

  Have fun!

   Break a leg!

  后两句用在知道对方去聚会或旅行时,有“祝你玩得尽兴”的意思。尤其是最后一句,有“祝你好运的意思”,此说法源于演艺界,艺人们在首演时忌讳说“Good luck”,所以反话正说,有点像前些年中国南方时兴的恭维话,“不要太漂亮哦”之类的,而绝不是咒人把腿摔断。

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Hold fast to dreams

Hold fast to dreams

for if dreams die

life is a broken-winged bird

that can never fly

hold fast to dreams

for when dreams go

life is a barren field

frozen only with snow紧紧抓住梦想,








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It's sad when people you know become people you knew


When you can walk right past someone like they were never a big part of your life。曾经他们是你生命中一个重要的部分,而现在,你经过他们也不打招呼;

How you used to be able to talk for hours and how now, you can barely even look at them。

It's sad how times change.时光流逝,是多么悲哀。

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without you


without you

I'd be a soul without a purpose.我将是一个没有目的的灵魂;

without you

I'd be an emotion without a heart.我的情感将没有了根基;

I am a face without expression

a heart with no beat我将是一张没有表情的脸;一颗停止跳动的心;

without you by my side,I am just a flame without the heat



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when he told me he was leaving I felt like a vase which has just smashed我感觉自己就像花瓶裂成了碎片. There were pieces of me all over the tidy,tan tiles瓷砖.He kept talking,telling me why he was leaving,explaining it was for the best,I could do better,it was his fault and not mine.I had heard it before many times and yet somehow I was still not immune;perhaps one did not become immune to such felony重罪.

  He left and I tried to get on with my life.I filled the kettle 壶and put it on to boil,I took out my old red mug杯子 and filled it with coffee watching as each coffee granule 颗粒slipped in to the bone china骨灰瓷. That was what my life had been like,endless omissions of coffee granules咖啡粉末,somehow never managing to make that cup of coffee.不断地往下掉咖啡粉末,却从来没有真正地泡成一杯咖啡。

    somehow when the kettle piped its fininishing warning水开了,水壶发出警报声 I pretended not to hear it.That's what Mike's leaving had been like,sudden and with an auful finality突如其来,无可挽回.I would rather just wallow in uncertainty than have things finished.I laughed at myself .Imagine getting all philosophical and sentimental about a mug of coffee.I must be getting old.自己竟然为一杯咖啡有如此多的人生感怀,我自己一定是老了。

   And yet it was a young woman who stared back at me from the mirror. A young woman ful of promise and hope充满了前途和希望,a young woman with bright eyes and full lips just waiting to takeo n the world.I never loved Mike anyway.Besides,there are more important things.More important than love,I insist to myself firmly. The lid盖子 goes back on the coffee just like closure on the whole Mike experience.我将咖啡罐的盖子盖好,也将所有关于迈克的记忆尘封起来

   He doesn't haunt my dreams as I feared that night.Instead I am flying far across fields and woods,looking down on those below me在梦里,我飞过田野和森林,俯瞰着大地。.Suddenly i fall to the ground and it is only when I wake up that I realize I was shot by a hunter,brought down by the burden of not the bullet but the soul of the man who shot it . I realize later,with some degree of understanding,that Mike was the hunter holding me down and I am the bird that longs to fly.The next night my dream is similar to the previous nights,but without the hunter.I fly free until I meet another bird who flies with me in perfect harmony .I realize with some relief that there is a bird out there for me,there is another person, not necessarily a lover perhaps just a friends,but there is someone out there who is my soul mate.   I think someone being a broken vase again and realize that I have glued myself back toghther,

.He has only,a little piece of me.我想起曾经觉得自己像花瓶一样裂开了,才意识到原来自己已经把自己修理好了。迈克只是我生命过程中的小小过客,他仅仅了解我的表面,他仅仅是我生命中的小小一部分。



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Father's love

Fathers seldom say"i love you"

though the feeling's always there,

but somehow those three little words

are the hardest to share

and father say "i love you"

in ways that words can't match用言语没法比拟的方式

with tender bed time stories或是温和地在床头讲故事

or a friendly fame of catch

you can see the words"i love you'

in a father's boyish eyes

when he runs home,all excited当他兴奋地跑回家

with a poorly wrapped surprise脸上带着难以掩饰的惊喜

a father says "i love you"

with his strong helping hands

with a smile when you are in trouble

with the way he understands

he says'i love you'haltingly踌躇,犹豫不决的

with awkward tenderness带着笨拙的温柔

it's hard to help a four-year-old into a party dress

he speaks his love unselfishly他无私地表达他的爱

by giving all he can

to make some secret dream come true

or follow through a plan

a father's seldom-spoken love父亲很少说出口的爱

sounds clearly through the years 随着光阴流逝变得清晰

sometimes in peals of laughter 有时在响亮的笑声中

sometimes through happy tears

perhaps they have to speak their love

in a fashion all their own只能用自己的方式

because the love that fathers feel因为父亲的爱

is too big for words alone 绝非言语所能诠释

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