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  • 地震的something

    Sunday, Apr 25, 2010 10:47AM / Members only

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  • clog--fashion

    Saturday, Apr 24, 2010 10:31AM / Members only

    As you guys all know by now, clogs木底鞋.木屐鞋 are a huge trend for 2010. And if worn right, I think the look can be very appealing. Chanel’s Spring ready-to-wear collection featured clogs, and since then, it’s been a clog frenzy. Celebrities are all over them: Mary Kate was sporting hers months before the Chanel show, (I guess that’s one of the perks 特别待遇of being a famous fashionista), and, of course, bloggers are spreading the trend and styling the shoe in their own way.

    That’s why clogs are this week’s fashion challenge. Though they might seem tough to wear at first, a clog is something that anyone can wear, no matter what your body shape or size, and still make a statement. (I hear you guys in the comments!) Can’t wait to slip into your own pair?

    Tips and Tricks:

    • Heels, heels, heels! The most flattering way to pull off this look is to wear clogs with a bit of a heel: they are the most popular look for spring and are leg-lengthening when worn with dresses.
    • However, if you want to try flat clogs like the ones in picture #3 above, make sure the rest of your outfit is trendy and fresh. Flat clogs have a tendency to look outdated (I’m thinking American Eagle circa 1999), so pair them with something newer-looking, like the panama hat in the picture.
    • The 70’s are making their comeback in a big way, and what better way to ease into the trend than with a platform clog? Try pairing yours with some groovy wide-leg pants to get the full effect:

  • I prefer the look with bare legs or wide leg pants, but feel free to experiment with skinny jeans or tights as well. Oh, and even though Piperlime, for example, likes to place Crocs in the “clogs” category, please do not get confused: Crocs are not clogs, and are always a don’t!

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  • How to look beautiful

    Saturday, Apr 24, 2010 10:03AM / Members only

    Looking beautiful today is something that many women have to do. Unfortunately when they try and look beautiful, they go over board and make themselves into something they are not. Below you will find the simplest ways to make yourself look and feel beautiful in no time.

    Step 1 Hold your head up high for everyone to see.

    Step1 抬头挺胸

    This is the most important part of feeling and being beautiful. If you yourself do not feel beautiful, then how are you going to look beautiful. Remember that beauty is from within, not what you put on yourself. Having self-confidence and self-worth will show to everybody.真正的美来自于内在,而不是外表。自信的女人才最美!


    Step 2 Put on as less makeup as possible.

    Step2 自然简单的妆扮


    Make it look as natural as possible if you feel that you absolutely cannot go without putting makeup on. Remember the old saying "Less is more."



    Step 3 Cut your hair to fit your personality.

    Step3 适合的发型


    Do not cut your hair the way everyone else is cutting their's, unless that is how you want it and that's what looks good on you. Go to a beauty supply shop and try and wigs of different styles to see what fits you. Then go out and get that hair cut.


    Step 4 Wear clothes that fit you.

    Step4 适合的服装


    If you wear clothes that are two sizes bigger or smaller, you're going to look messy. Try on any clothes that you buy, whether or not you buy them at a retail store or a thrift store. Never leave the store without trying them on first.



    Step 5 Do not allow other people to bring you down.

    Step5 不要让其他人泼你冷水


    If you feel beautiful, then you are. Other people's opinion's vary just as our opinion's do, do not let it get to you. Once you allow it to bother you, beauty can diminish quickly.


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  • Desperate housewives1.2

    Friday, Apr 23, 2010 9:31AM / Members only

    perform my chores

    run my errands(办差事,跑腿)sleeveless errand白跑一趟的差事

    retrieve my revolver左轮手枪


    you are going to behave today

    cell-phone number

    if one of you acts up(调皮,捣蛋)

    you want to risk that?想不想试试



    like phenix get out of the ash


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  • 美国流行的打招呼方式

    Friday, Apr 23, 2010 8:06AM / Members only

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