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As a child, I spent my elementary-3rd grade schooling in a diverse (Prep school). I loved it there. I met so many people from different backgrounds and places. My pears and teachers where every kind and heart warming. high honor roll student I had the works! I was exposed to many different things as a child which make me so universal and unique.

I then attended a predominately Hispanic and black (Public) Middle school and High school. Being that I had to wear uniforms everyday at the prep school, public school gave me an outlet to express myself through my clothing...

Thats when everything changed.

I got chaste home from school and tormented everyday for the way I spoke, looked and dressed. Coming from a private school, my whole demeanor and way of speaking was way different from those of the public school I went to which made me an instant target. I got beat up because I "talked white" wasn't "black enough" and didn't have celebrity brand clothing. I would get fallowed to the girls restroom to get a rude awakening. later I suffered from self hate. I almost got arrested because, a rumor went around that I brought "Pistol" too school. When police asked me if I had one I didn;t know what a pistol was :/

My mother has always supported me through school and helping me reach my goals. Most young adults my age back in school envied my mother for her concerns about me and my life, while their parents cared about getting a welfare check, and or finding a way to get high on drugs. I began to think all black people hated me for who I am and that being different is wrong. I moved to 3 different middle schools because It got so worse!!! I thought it would get better but, word got around that I was coming to a new school. It got so bad I had to be put in a "SPECIAL" class with only 5 people. SUCKED!

Students were jealous because I would sped my summers in fun camps, traveling and everything a teen would want to do. When it would come time for me to tell what I did for the summer, I would have a full detailed story to tell while others would make dirty remarks. They also hated me for asking questions. It was very weird for me because for some reason they also treated me like I was POISON literally. If I sat in a chair, no one would want to sit in it. It was a very insane behavior.

I grew up to learn that I wasn't the one at fault. And now, they are the ones that fell into the stereo types of early teen pregnancy, drug addiction, jail and or homelessness

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