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And so it stands...

So, compared to my other blog, this one is the most current, in regards to the last post...  August 17, 2010, short, sweet, and poof.. that was it.Well, I came, it was fun, it was a different time, and then 2011 hit.I'm working on a new pet project now... www.simonkwok.com

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Blog: Tuesday, Aug 17

All I've been doing is this:


it is my other form of writing.

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Turning 33

I thank everyone that has wished me a Happy Birthday, in person, on the phone, by a text, and even on facebook. It has been a very silent, and quiet birthday. One where I just had dinner with my gf out in Langley, at the Olive Garden, and called it a night. I did also receive a gift from two of my friends. A pair of cuff links, which was nice. I just can't bring myself to write about me, do to my mom falling and hitting her head against cement on Sunday night. She was bleeding, and I took her to hospital. She is ok, but it took a good chunk of...Read more

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Ups and Downs

It has been 71 days, as per the email from this site to my inbox, stating that I have not typed an entry. Has it been that long? Has time flown that fast for me to just let this pass. I would have to say yes, and no, there have been many things that have happened during this time that either I have been right in the moment to write, or taken away from.

I am going to put down a list of high's and low's during these couple of months that I wanted to, or not wanted to write about, not going into detail as to what has transpired:Read more

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The New Year - A New Blog

Time to blog, and enough time has passed into this new year to get back on track, especially on the worst Monday of the year, as quoted online, and by my security guard friend in the office!

I come into the new year with questions. Questions in regards to my future at work, and what I want to do. I live in an expensive city, a very expensive city considering that I feel I do not make enough, and due to the economy going south, and the Olymipics invading my city in under a month, nothing seems to make sense.

I think I...Read more

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One Less

It has been a good couple of months of mah jong playing, to the point there was one week I played 6 out of 7 nights. Yet this is a blog about a japanese kid that is leaving Vancouver. Who was a leg on our table, a very dependable leg that would want to play more. His skill in playing was very different to what we were accoustomed to, yet at the last time playing with him I learned that sometimes you yourself have to adjust to the situation, and not force it upon yourself to create a situation.

For our japanese mah jong leg/friend I wish him ...Read more

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One Week Left

7 days till Christmas, and yet it still doesn't feel like Christmas. Has age taken it's effect into my feelings toward this special day we used to wish for every year when we were kids. What has happened to make me feel this way, maybe it is the environment.

A couple nights ago I decided to go driving around my neighborhood looking for Christmas lights. I was actually shocked to see blocks and blocks with not even a presence of a strand of lights. There is barely any decorations at my work to show that it is even Christmas.

...Read more
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Cold & Lazy

It has been a very lazy winter for myself, in some ways it is nice, and in some ways I wish I could do more physically.

I have been clinging to the bed and to sleep more, ever since being hit by this cold wave of winter. All I want to do is stay in, and stay warm. Not wanting to venture out in the wilderness of the city, and not even going to the gym after work. It has been a struggle due to this cold. Hopefully I can at least turn this around after work today.

What have I been doing, really, nothing.  Going home, napping, and...Read more

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Uncovering Old Stuff

I have been cleaning stuff up as of late, and somehow I decided to clean up what was on my work computer. There was a link to a Flickr site, which was mine, but somehow I was never able to access it, as I somehow lost the password, and yahoo would not allow me to change the password unless I was to give them some info. Today, after almost a year, I have unlocked it. I haven't added any pictures as of yet, but you can see some old stuff of mine.


h...Read more

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Blowing a Tire

Talk about when it rains, it pours, and what happened was in the rain, pouring!

I drove my grandma home after dinner, and decided to take the small street. Not knowing there was a real nice pothole waiting to chew through one of my tires. The rain was pouring, and filling all the holes in the city, to the point there was no way of seeing this lovely gem! The real bad part about this is that the rip in my tire was on the side wall, and there is no way of fixing it. I've had to buy two tires, which are coming in the mail from the Tir...Read more

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My last good HK drink at the airport!


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