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Catherine Grossrieder

What to be this Halloween...

Ok... It's been way too long, I know, but since AnD's Halloween party is coming up, one question in particular looms in my head: What to be be?!? Or can you dress up as something obvious with a shoestring budget?Heard Facebook girl was the way to go. All you need is:- A lipstick- A picture frame- Stupid ass duck poutAny broke ass Halloween costume suggestions? hahaha

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AHHHH it's been so long!

God, I'm the worst blogger guys, but you know what, I got something new for you!

My new website is finally up (YES!), after much delay... so please check it out!

Hope you dig it :)

Love, C.

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Evisu Baru mural

Hi guys!

I have finally posted a pic of the Evisu Baru mural, as I've promised, so please take a look :)

The wall was quite difficult to paint, but I managed to paint it. The wall consisted of tiles so we had to use these extra low pressure cans, so that the paint doesn't drip as much. I am quite happy with the result, considering I was already "on the clouds" from the paint fumes, haha.

Much love, thanks for the sweet guestbook entries guys,


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slightly older stuff of mine

 Hi guys, I thought I'd post some stuff up that I have done about 2-3 years back. I found some and think they're worth putting up. I remember that I had a hard time doing some of these illustrations, trying out different styles to see which would suit the sketch and would look best.   You can find the work in my 2005 folder.

Thanks, CathLove

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Guestbook entries


Also, to all the sweet people that said wussup in the guestbook, thanks ;)


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More stuff from Cathlove aka Rosa

Hi all!

Gee, I'm sooo bad with this blogging stuff, hehe. Actually, I'm lazy cos I'm an Aquarian (all you Aquarians out there probably agree with me!). However, I've pulled the finger out of my ass and will post some more graff photos of mine. All of them were done in Sydney Australia with my former flame, Pudl. I really like his style and he seems to make better graffiti pieces everytime he paints. I have got to keep up with doing graff in Hk too! I havent got a photo yet, but do check out the main wall of the Evisu Baru. I will try to get a pic asap ;)

As for now, please enjoy the flix!

Yours, CathLove

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What's up all?!

What's up dawgs and dawgettes? Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Catherine G, but I also go by the name of CathLove and Rosa (my graffiti tag). I am half Thai, half Swiss, but have lived in HK most of my life. I have also lived in Australia for awhile for study (in Newcastle and Sydney).  This is how I pay my bills: I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I have started drawing at a very young age and decided that becoming a designer would make the most sense. So far I like it pretty much, hehe. I will try to update my blog as often as possible with new works, so.... enjoy :)

Much luv, CathLove

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