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New Blog

I have changed a new blog.

go to  www.carynee.blogspot.com

see ya there!


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It's 2012

Hello 2012!

It's already 6th of January, I wanted to have a blog update on 1.1.2012. but too sad, my laptop get sick

hopefully it can be recovered very soon :(

Dear asked me what is my target for this brand new year

my brain was blank for a few second and I found that I have no direction still.

graduate from my degree with a good grade? ya, I must make it happen.

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Hi Midnight

I am awake in the midnight again!

December treats me real bad, I expected it to be a very good month.

but I have already suffered a lot of pain in the beginning of the month.

I got a huge nana slightly above my waist there, and it is getting serious, it actually looks like a nipple right now.

visited doctor today, he advised me to cut it off, just need about 2,3 minutes, but I was too scared so I refused to cut it.

it still can recover by it own, but it takes time, like maybe two weeks.

hopefully th...Read more

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December !

Wow! Time is like a shooting star, just a blink of an eye, it passed.

And now is my favourite month. Why?

First, it is a holiday month.

Second, I like Christmas.

Third, it is the month of my birthday!

I'm going to turn 21 year old very soon, I am living in this damn earth for 20 years plus, real fast huh.

Well, I don't really have any plans for December, not even my birthday celebration, perhaps just gonna have a simple dinner with friends, then attend Lapsap's party at 69 maison.4 months...Read more

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Vivi's Big Day

29th of October, it was Vivi's 20th birthday.

had a very simple birthday dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.

She supposed to have her birthday celebration with her hubby at Bangkok but due to the flood, trip is delayed until December, and luckily not during my birthday

Once again, Happy birthday to her.

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Byee October

It's 6am in the morning, and why am I still awake????????

Just got home not long ago, went to Black & White at the Halloween night, quite a boring night I would say.

I am not going to bed yet still here to blog because I have to wake baby up at 630, he has to be his boss's groomsmen.

After that, I can sleep for whole Sunday afternoon. Yipee!

Lately, we don't really go to club, only once per few months, do not have the excitement to go to club anymore.

because of we are growing old? most of ...Read more

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3rd Anniversary :)

Two weeks ago was the 3rd anniversary of baby and I.  Good time always passes so fast. It's already the third year and continue counting :)We didn't really celebrate it, just went to Smokey Jack for dinner with some of the friendsactually baby and I don't really go out with just both of us, we like to hang out with friendseven anniversary dinner was together with friends too.we already get used of this way, and I think it works pretty well And thank baby for the present, pad pad 2 =SRead more

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Money, please come back to Mama!

Very sad, my financial crisis is still cannot be solved.

thought that I can get a job during this weekend, but it has been cancelled.

what to do? what to do? 3rd anniversary with baby is on this coming Thursday

Sigh, luckily baby is very understanding, I will start saving right now, and get i-know-what-you-want for you

while baby is planning to buy me something which I have acknowledged too, talk about it in other post lah


Does anyone have any part time job? but I am not i...Read more

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Yeap, I'm here continue uploading those photo, again.

now I don't really find the reason of blogging, wanted to update my blog so bad, but am always out of ideas what to write

so I guess I stop the writing here, let the photo do the talking :)

Day out of three girls-Vivi,Lee Hoengand Me!

...<a href=Read more

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Windy Starbucks Day



I am now at Starbucks Gurney Plaza, hmm sounds like reporting, haha always have no ideas how to start a post.

Chilling with Vivi after my class, opps, no I skipped the class today due to the stupid phone

woke up at 1030 and went back to sleep again, only remembered that I got class when the time was already 11 somethi...Read more

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