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New Blog

I have changed a new blog.

go to

see ya there!


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It's 2012

Hello 2012!

It's already 6th of January, I wanted to have a blog update on 1.1.2012. but too sad, my laptop get sick

hopefully it can be recovered very soon :(

Dear asked me what is my target for this brand new year

my brain was blank for a few second and I found that I have no direction still.

graduate from my degree with a good grade? ya, I must make it happen.

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Hi Midnight

I am awake in the midnight again!

December treats me real bad, I expected it to be a very good month.

but I have already suffered a lot of pain in the beginning of the month.

I got a huge nana slightly above my waist there, and it is getting serious, it actually looks like a nipple right now.

visited doctor today, he advised me to cut it off, just need about 2,3 minutes, but I was too scared so I refused to cut it.

it still can recover by it own, but it takes time, like maybe two weeks.

hopefully those nana can come out as fast as possible before my birthday. I really cannot stand the pain anymore :(

Sigh....I really hate my body right now!!!!

I got a lot of scar on my legs and body, how to cure it? with a fastest way.

Well, I'm actually looking forward for parties with my girls

And I can't wait for my birthday!!!!!!

but please, can someone get me some answer to remove all those scars?

very upset to see my body to be in bad condition.

everyday have to wear long pant. Sigh!!!

Thank you!

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December !

Wow! Time is like a shooting star, just a blink of an eye, it passed.

And now is my favourite month. Why?

First, it is a holiday month.

Second, I like Christmas.

Third, it is the month of my birthday!

I'm going to turn 21 year old very soon, I am living in this damn earth for 20 years plus, real fast huh.

Well, I don't really have any plans for December, not even my birthday celebration, perhaps just gonna have a simple dinner with friends, then attend Lapsap's party at 69 maison.4 months holidays, I can't imagine how would I spend it.

everytime I say I want to work, but in the end it still remains a talking, heh! Done crapping, don't feel like uploading any photos, because they are about old stories, lazy to talk about.just a very short update, talking to myself in a sleepless night  :)Good night!looking forward for a great Sunday

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Vivi's Big Day

29th of October, it was Vivi's 20th birthday.

had a very simple birthday dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.

She supposed to have her birthday celebration with her hubby at Bangkok but due to the flood, trip is delayed until December, and luckily not during my birthday

Once again, Happy birthday to her.

Birthday girl  Bought this dress very last minute with her from Queensbay Vivi and Lee Hoeng Flat hair day, not enough time for me to set my hair  Real coupleand fake couple her favourite picand favourite pic of wei qiang, hahaAfter having dinner, Qin Lee felt sick, so both of them went home, very sad case.left four of us, a pair of real couple and another pair of fake couple.So we drove down to the town, sat in the car for almost two hours deciding where to go, so stupidWhere else to go in Penang?! very boringAt last, we went to QEii after fetching Xin Xin, actually it's a boring place thoughSigh. I can predict our future uncle aunty life, it must be sitting and having beer at kopitiam, and I think it would happen very soon LOLalright, stop complaining. took a few photo with the night seaview.  Baby looked like a saleman on that night hahaThat's all for last Friday night.and I won't be updating about the Halloween night, because it was just an ordinary night at Black & White again.If I got the chance to dress up during Halloween, Hmmmm.......I would like to be a hot and sexy nurse? or a very tough tanned craftsman? Haha I wish.End the post with my favourite pic of that day

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Byee October

It's 6am in the morning, and why am I still awake????????

Just got home not long ago, went to Black & White at the Halloween night, quite a boring night I would say.

I am not going to bed yet still here to blog because I have to wake baby up at 630, he has to be his boss's groomsmen.

After that, I can sleep for whole Sunday afternoon. Yipee!

Lately, we don't really go to club, only once per few months, do not have the excitement to go to club anymore.

because of we are growing old? most of us are working now, unlike the old time, everyone was damn free for everyday.

in October, we only went to Mois for one time, very precious one. haha

it's very hard to have clubbing photo now, maybe after a month only you guys can see I posting photo in club again

 only four of us for that day, plus Khuan.I know I look fat :( Vivi and SherynSheryn and Xin Xin Messy hairRetake and still messy  with babySweet couple Vivi and little bit of Wei Qiang Annoying Chin It's her again :)Wei Qiang and my big assWell, it's time for me to sleep.GOOD MORNING to those who just wake up, have a great Sunday!:D

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3rd Anniversary :)

Two weeks ago was the 3rd anniversary of baby and I.  Good time always passes so fast. It's already the third year and continue counting :)We didn't really celebrate it, just went to Smokey Jack for dinner with some of the friendsactually baby and I don't really go out with just both of us, we like to hang out with friendseven anniversary dinner was together with friends too.we already get used of this way, and I think it works pretty well And thank baby for the present, pad pad 2 =SOnly a few of photo taken, because I forgot to have my camera charged fully, very sad.Love the long skirt I wore for that day? I bought it from Ms guys can find more nice clothes from her online boutique very short post, laziness just can't get away from me.I rather spend those time at sleeping than updating my blog, I woke up at 5 this afternoon, that was how I spend my Deepavali holiday. I can just sleep for whole day, I don't know why =.=Ending my post withI LOVE YOU, MR OOI   :)

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Money, please come back to Mama!

Very sad, my financial crisis is still cannot be solved.

thought that I can get a job during this weekend, but it has been cancelled.

what to do? what to do? 3rd anniversary with baby is on this coming Thursday

Sigh, luckily baby is very understanding, I will start saving right now, and get i-know-what-you-want for you

while baby is planning to buy me something which I have acknowledged too, talk about it in other post lah


Does anyone have any part time job? but I am not into those sexy character la hehe

1st of October- it was Khuan's birthday, and her boyfriend booked a apartment- Century Bay.

most of the gang had attended, excluded Yang and Sheryn.

Guys of course had a very great time as long as they got a place to gamble : /

And we girls did not miss out the chik-chak session too.

love taking photo with my canon baby :p

Do I look nice in curly hair?

Have to thank Lee Hoeng for the hair-do, I am very numb in this kind of thing

 Birthday girl already had three cakes before this, so did not prepare cake anymoreused lighter as the candle light Birthday girl- Khuan what kind of pose?

We stayed and played games until 6 in the morning, but only some of us, others left early

still can remember those drunkard faces, hahahah, not to mention who lah

and the next day, my head was in a very serious pain, that's the consequences hah

Well, I guess I just....

stop here :D

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Yeap, I'm here continue uploading those photo, again.

now I don't really find the reason of blogging, wanted to update my blog so bad, but am always out of ideas what to write

so I guess I stop the writing here, let the photo do the talking :)

Day out of three girls-Vivi,Lee Hoengand Me!

Another day out with 2 dogs-Guinness and Kiwi

 Waiting too long for Lee Hoeng, and I took alot of picutres. Little Clumsy :p I got a round nose like him  super hot weather  Sandwich Guinness. lolWild Kiwi hahah

Black & Whiteagain

Weekend night at Soi 11

 Self snap =.=

Sunday to Floating Library with the couple-Catherine & Michael Oh Yesh!!Finally I can start my October story..I will try my best to have more writing and story telling in the coming post.BYE!

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Windy Starbucks Day



I am now at Starbucks Gurney Plaza, hmm sounds like reporting, haha always have no ideas how to start a post.

Chilling with Vivi after my class, opps, no I skipped the class today due to the stupid phone

woke up at 1030 and went back to sleep again, only remembered that I got class when the time was already 11 something

my bb is always hang, and it was blank with a white screen this morning so that the alarm was not functioning

maybe it is time for me to change a phone, Iphone 4s perhaps? haha

many people thought that I am using Iphone right now, because I keep updating my instragram

I am actually using my boyfriend's Iphone :)

Snapshot_20111005_2 VIVI, she was lazy to shift nearer to take picture

Alright finish crapping.

Now I can start posting all the photo as I promised in previous post, sekali gus upload all

Sorry, if your eyes hurt.

Start with my own picture before heading to QEII IMG_0971

IMG_1029 went there because of DJ Xu








During Raya holiday, went out with the gang in the afternoon IMG_1063








Gambling day at Dart Addicts

Owh Ou!

now only I realized that I got too much photo to upload since I get my G12 :D

still got tones of them which I wish I could just upload them all in one same post

but I think my blog would look weird if I do that

So I'm gonna upload the rest of them in another post.

I want to say it again.

Stay tuned.



Tomyam, I'm coming :p

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