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Cari Lekebusch

H-PRODUCTIONS presents [HPX65] V/A - Recombination Sequence 1 - Symbiosis

H-PRODUCTIONS presents [HPX65] V/A - Recombination Sequence 1 - Symbiosis

(Various artists in colaboration)

H-Productions Recombination Sequence series is the third part of a trilogy of compilation concepts that the label has launched in 2012. Carrying on from the Mutations and Archeology Exc. series, Recombination Sequence takes its inspiration from the run of collaboration EP’s the label released in 2011 with the aim of bringing together collaborations between artists on the H-Productions roster as well as both new and established producers who have traditionally not contributed towards the label. With a long history of collaboration between the artists on the H-Productions roster, not least label figure head, Cari Lekebusch, the motivation behind this project is to allow for more of the kind of sonic experimentation and collaborative creativeness that has been at the core of why H-Productions has endured so long as a tastemaker label within Techno.

This nine-track compilation brings together the combined talents of an array of established and emerging talent. Planned and collected over a six-month period, there are collaborative works between Cari Lekebusch and other members of the HPX collective including The Advent, Tony Rohr and Nima Kahk as well as Jesper Dahlbäck & Nima Khak and Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr. From outside the label roster, techno stalwart Dustin Zahn hooks up with Tony Rohr while Dutch songbird Zoe Xenia brings her understated soul to H-Productions for the first time and Berlin saxophonist Niklas Mascher adds his tripped-out musical touch to the album. Finally, Benjamin Mull, younger brother of Swedish Techno icon Joel, joins forces with Lekebusch to give a symbiotic sense that within this microcosm of production, history is repeating itself.

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HPX65 - 01 - Cari Lekebusch, Nima Khak - Steampunk

HPX65 - 02 - Dustin Zahn, Tony Rohr - Midwest Preassure

HPX65 - 03 - Jesper Dahlback, Nima Khak - The Searcher

HPX65 - 04 - Zoe Xenia, Cari Lekebusch - Matchmaker

HPX65 - 05 - Cari Lekebusch, Niklas Mascher - Space Crusade

HPX65 - 06 - Alexi Delano, Tony Rohr - El Capo

HPX65 - 07 - The Advent, Cari Lekebusch - Deepart

HPX65 - 08 - Cari Lekebusch, Tony Rohr - The Shuffle Cycle

HPX65 - 09 - Benjamin Mull, Cari Lekebusch - Triolic

artwork by Carolina "Blue" Falkholt

video (photo+edit] by Johan Lidell

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H-PRODUCTIONS presents [HPX64] - Jesper Dahlback - Archeology Exc.2

H-PRODUCTIONS presents Archeology Excavations series

[HPX64] - Jesper Dahlback / Archeology Exc.2

Inspired by a desire to retrace the steps that led to the current musical alignment of the producers assembled on their label roster, Cari Lekebusch's H-PRODUCTIONS have commissioned an eight part series of compilations that will explore the Techno archeology of their artists. Each collection will delve deep into their back catalogue, unearthing long-forgotten and undiscovered examples of their work and tracks from other producers that were landmarks within their own evolution. Lovingly compiled and carefully constructed, H-PRODUCTIONS archeology excavations series will describe the story of how each producer made their journey from then to now: documenting the tracks each artist feels were instrumental in shaping their own history within Techno music.

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01 - 00'00'00 Jesper Dahlback - Lonesome Dub (Svek)

02 - 00'04'30 Jesper Dahlback - 000X (Unreleased)

03 - 00'06'45 DJ Lenk - YYY (Blank Ltd 001)

04 - 00'10'30 Jesper Dahlback - MCP 1 (Unreleased)

05 - 00'15'40 Brommage Dub - Mera (Unreleased)

06 - 00'19'38 Jesper Dahlback - Gamling (Unreleased)

07 - 00'23'30 DJ Lenk - Induced (Blank Ltd 002)

08 - 00'25'20 Jesper Dahlback - MCP 2(Unreleased)

09 - 00'31'45 DJ Lenk - psycho 17 (Unreleased)

10 - 00'32'50 DJ Lenk - psycho 33 (Unreleased)

11 - 00'35'40 DJ Lenk - psycho 45 (Unreleased)

12 - 00'39'30 DJ Lenk - psycho 53 (Unreleased)

13 - 00'41'30 DJ Lenk - psycho 57 (Unreleased)

14 - 00'44'50 DJ Lenk - psycho 57 (Unreleased)

15 - 00'47'20 DJ Lenk - psycho nån (Unreleased)

16 - 00'51'25 Jesper Dahlback - Lunk (Unreleased)

17 - 00'53'55 Drumtravellers - 808 (Unreleased)

18 - 00'57'05 Drumtravellers - Safari (Unreleased)

19 - 00'58'45 Brommage Dub  -23:90:50 (Unreleased)

20 - 01'04'50 Brommge Dub - Feber (Unreleased)

21 - 01'10'25 Jesper Dahlback - The Day After (Unreleased)

all tracks w&p by Jesper Dahlback (Carbon dated 1994-1996)

exept Bromage Dub by Jesper Dahlback/Jean-Louis Huhta

exept Drumtravellers by Jesper Dahlback/Par Stalbrand/Adrian Forciniti

01 "Lonesome Dub" prev released on Svek

07 "Induced" prev released on Blank Ltd.

03 "YYY" prev released on Blank Ltd.

Excavated, restored, carbon dated, arranged, mixed, plus additional production by Jesper Dahlback, recorded at the Globe Studios Stockholm 2012. 

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H-Productions have been releasing their distinctive brand of ever-so-slightly left-of-centre techno since 1994, however 2011 saw the beginning of a new way of working for Cari Lekebusch's imprint. Motivated by the dual inspirations of the label's original name – Hybrid Productions – and the brands long legacy within techno, a concept was born which brought together a select group of artists whose musical style complimented one another and whose heritage matched that of the label. This deliberate hoarding and nurturing of creative forces within a group dynamic has breathed new life into the label: and allowed Lekebusch the creative time and space to approach his own work in a less pressurized environment. The result is Lekebusch's twentieth studio album

The story of this fourteen-track album began almost immediately after the release of Lekebusch's previous LP in March 2010. Keen to create a body of work that had its roots firmly planted within a set musical concept, but that did not stray too far from the DJ-orientated world that Lekebusch has called home for as long as techno was called techno, a project began that would take shape slowly: eventually forming and coming sharper into focus as time passed. Created using a blend of analogue and digital machines, each track was formed by manipulating one bar patterns. These patterns, shaped from Lekebusch's own bespoke sounds, were arranged and documented using 'hands-on' recording techniques to lend each composition an organic, 'live' aesthetic.

By utilizing such practical techniques, the physical process of writing the tracks naturally lent itself to support Lekebusch's theoretical vision for the album. The limits imposed by his 'one-bar' concept ensured Lekebusch got the experimental feel he was searching for as his arrangements became more abstract. By live recording sections of each track his hands were literally forced to select from a limited range of options, thus lending each track a stripped down sound, without the temptation for many embellishments, leaving space within each track for DJ's to further manipulate the sounds via their own layering or edits. Finally, the combination of all these self-imposed limitations engendered further frequency experiments that created 'in-your-face', almost claustrophobic soundscapes that would challenge listeners in the way that Lekebusch wanted.

The results of such conceptualizing are evident thought the album, albeit in subtle and unobvious ways. Perhaps the most interesting result came with 'Ultraterrestrial' that was the result of a recording a studio machine playing pre-set patterns randomly to create a genuine symbiosis between man and machine. Elsewhere, the track Ghost Notes take advantage of Lekebusch's frequency experiments by recording the subtle effects on notes when combined with different keys and recycling the 'sonic byproducts' within the track; where as the epically proportioned title track, with its vocoder 'Cylon' voice invites the listener to 'move closer to the wave generators' to receive the proclamation that 'You Are A Hybrid Too': reinforcing the assertion that there is a message contained in this album that has been placed within to be absorbed and not just heard.

HPX63 - Cari Lekebusch / You Are A Hybrid Too

You Are A Hybrid Too

Approaching Singularity

Out Of Nowhere

Ghost Notes

Spiritual Combat

Boiling The Frog

Safety Off

Monatomic Measure


Pinnacle Of Desolation

Comprehension Level Descent

Black Diamond

I'm a hybrid exclusive tracks:

Pole Turtle

Vanishing Act

Initiation (video)

all tracks w&p by Cari Lekebusch

except Ghost Notes co-produced by GraGee Pikanen

except Black Diamond co-produced by Zighix

req at HPHQ Stockholm 2011-2012

artwork by Ziggy

If you want to try before you buy, why not check out the demo version of the album here,where you can enjoy some but not all of the features:

Vinyl in your local shop and Digital at Beatport and other digi portals:

  HPX63 - Cari Lekebusch - You Are A Hybrid Too - H-Productions by H-Productions

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HPX63 - Cari Lekebusch - You Are A Hybrid Too Release Party - Second Life - 12th May 2012

Welcome all sentient lifeforms, to Cari Lekebusch's album release party You Are A Hybrid Too (special ONLINE event). (SAT) 12th may 2012, starting 22.00 CET (open end!). Thats 1PM Pacific time zone (SL Time). Located in the UFO Warehouse on our iceland Flavor Country (132,133,1500) - inside the gridd - you need a browser and a free account to join in the fun on our iceland. Tickets are very limited! If you can't join for any reason, then listen to the stream with your media player, iPhone or other media device reading stream URLs. Please keep scrīpts and accessories to minimum - optional dresscode is white, pink and black diamond. Inworld contact avatar " Mantis Oh". Join our group HYBRID PRODUCTIONS

Audio Stream at:

Create your Avatar:

Recomended 3D browser(s):


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Cari Lekebusch - Svett EP (ISLR015, International Sound Laboratory)

Sweat, also known as perspiration, transpiration or diaphoresis, is a product of mixing H2O with various solid chemicals such as chlorides and is mainly produced by glands located in the skin of mammals. It consists further of chemicals such as 2-methylphenol (o-cresol) and 4-methylphenol (p-cresol), as well as a small amount of urea. The sweat works as a thermoregulating mechanism, cooling the body from dangerous overheating, wich could result in body malfunction. It has also been reported that components inside the male perspiration would aslo work as a so called "chick-magnet". Sweat can be found in a wide variety of mammals, all though it is shown that only humans and horses produce large amounts of this chemical soup as a part of its cooling system and primarly by glands under the armpits.Studies has shown that men start their perspiration faster than women when exercising under the same relative intensity. If this proves the theory that men use their sweat as a tool for luring women into their bedrooms is yet to be shown. Speaking against the theory, would be the fact that most sweaty men smells bad. When sweat occurs, the bacteria residing on the skin, feeds of the chemicals and as a biproduct, a smelly odor is produced. Keeping in mind that sweat also is produced during states of nervousness, it is implied that sweaty dancing men fearing an embarrasing defeat after a displaying their shortcommings as part of the mating rituals, still enjoys a better chance of intercourse if the target female is exposed to the sweat odor. No study showed if the same case stands true for homosexuals.

Out end April 2012, on Jesper Dahlback's ISL, (International Sound Laboratory)


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Cari Lekebusch - Rejuvenations (H-Productions, remix series)

H-Productions have been releasing their distinctive brand of ever-so-slightly left-of-centre techno since 1994. Founded by the endlessly prolific and pioneering Cari Lekebusch, the label has become a mainstay of the techno scene; one of the few labels who can claim to have been influential throughout the last two decades of techno history. Aware of their status as one of the elder statesmen of the European scene, H-Productions and Lekebusch himself understand the necessity to keep their sights fixed on the horizon if they are to have a future within the ever changing and increasingly disposable world of electronic music. It is this desire to maintain that has been the inspiration for the labels eye-opening release schedule of EP's, albums and compilations from an array of classic and emerging techno names.

The recent release of the inaugural episode of H-Production's Archeology series shone a light on Cari Lekebusch's discography. The multi-part chain of compilations will explore the techno archeology of H-Production's artists, delving deep into their back catalogue to unearth long-forgotten and undiscovered examples of their work that were landmarks within their evolution as a producer. Inspired by the warm reception given to this retrospective works, H-Productions now launch a sub-series of EP's that will take the prize finds from the Archeology sessions and bring those classic tracks up to date with remixes from some of the most well known and respected producers within techno.

For the first installment of H-Productions Rejuvenation series, Cari Lekebusch has handpicked his favorite producers to rework four of the better-known titles from his catalogue. No strangers to unearthing past glories following the Soma 20th anniversary, Slam step up to add a weighty slice of techno heritage to the package, turning in a hypnotic journey of a mix to compliment the otherworldly vibes of the infamous 'Mad Poet'. On the flip of the first vinyl, fellow Hybrid, Nima Khak, takes on 'Attitydknackaren' and delivers a brilliantly simple and hugely effective update that is sure to illuminate many after hour sets.

Next come a brace of mixes from recent collaborators with Lekebusch, as two of techno's brightest starts return the complement with modern interpretations of Cari classics. Joseph Capriati stamps his incendiary style on the Rastafarian chanting of 'Unite' to create a punchy but subtle rework that pulses with intent as the vox refrain weaves in the mix while Alan Fitzpatrick gets ravey on the iconic 'Steady Motion', originally a limited edition EP for the Japanese market, as he brings his unmistakable heavy funk to the familiar gruff vocal hook.

01 Cari Lekebusch -- Mad Poet (Slam Remix)

02 Cari Lekebusch -- Steady Motion (Alan Fitzpatrick Gets Ravey)

03 Cari Lekebusch -- Unite (Joseph Capriati Remix)

04 Cari Lekebusch -- Attitydknackaren (Nima Khak Remix)

Goto our own micro shop for release plus bonus materials, every month. Watch the Demo video for info :D

Vinyl and Digital out now:

HPX62 - Cari Lekebusch - Rejuvenations - H-Productions by H-Productions

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Octave One - Love and Hate (Cari Lekebusch Revealed remix)

430 West continues to celebrate its 20-year history, allowing two more Octave One classics to get the remix treatment from some of the Burden brothers favourite artists. For the latest instalment, Swedens Cari Lekebusch retakes on Octave One's Love and Hate this time with his Revealed Mix. Coming along for the ride is Vince Watson with his own special take of the O1 classic "Nicolette".

Vinyl and Digital out now:


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Zoe Xenia & Jade Mantis - Behind the Mind (ep, on 1:53.2)

Zoe Xenia and Jade Mantis (Cari Lekebusch) met during a festival event in The Netherlands, and became instant friends while sharing stage. During the show both Zoe and Cari realised their mutual, compatible energies and it didnt take long before the first co-operation track’s where recorded. The first experiments where conducted over the internet, but after noting the great results Cari visited Zoe in Amsterdam (and Zoe visited Cari in Stockholm). The outcome was beautyful, timeless an original sounding Deep House infused Techno to Techno infused Deep House music.

As a bonus goodie for this release, Jade Mantis has recorded a mix using only music produced by Zoe Xenia. We are very proud to present this exclusive extra material to you - Download the full package directly from Jade Mantis Mix Session 2012

Vinyl and Digital out now:

  Zoë Xenia and Jade Mantis - Behind The Mind (EP, on 1:53.2) by Zoë Xenia & Jade Mantis

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With techno currently enjoying a peak in popularity it is all too easy to get caught up in the clamor for what is new and next. Who is the latest star producer to emerge as the leader of the pack? What boundary-blurred sub-genre is currently hot for the tastemaker DJ elite? Which label will be next to be showered with plaudits for forging a path at the vanguard of scene? Where will be the next location to be home to nomadic artists and branded as the new Mecca of techno? In amongst this frenzied crystal ball gazing most observers, consumers, critics and commentators have their eyes an ears so firmly fixed on the horizon that they seldom have chance to reflect on the history of those producers who have been integral in the development of techno over the previous twenty years.

Inspired by a desire to retrace the steps that led to the current musical alignment of the producers assembled on their label roster, Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions have commissioned an eight part series of compilations that will explore the techno archeology of their artists. Each collection will delve deep into their back catalogue, unearthing long-forgotten and undiscovered examples of their work and tracks from other producers that were landmarks within their own evolution. Lovingly compiled and carefully constructed, H-Productions Archeology Excavations series will describe the story of how each producer made their journey from then to now; documenting the tracks each artist feels were instrumental in shaping their own history within techno music.

Find the production on our members area incl seperate tracks, extra material, documentary and more;

Find the DJ Mix at Beatport;


01 (00:00) - Cari Lekebusch and Ron Maney - Intensity - H-Productions

02 (06:29) - Cari Lekebusch - Bop Til U Drop (Freakdown mix) - Unreleased

03 (08:25) - Rubberneck - Backyard - Jakpot

04 (11:56) - Cari Lekebusch - Low Profiles (A Side mix) - H-Productions

05 (16:28) - Drumtravellers - Vol.1 (A Side mix) - H-Productions

06 (22:07) - Cari Lekebusch - Mad Poet (Secret mix) - H-Productions

07 (25:42) - Cari Lekebusch and Gene Hunt - Pain In My Mind - H-Productions

08 (29:08) - Cari Lekebusch - Everybodies Tight - Unreleased Dubplate 1995

09 (33:27) - Rubberneck - Novice - Jakpot

10 (37:51) - Steve Stoll - Handiwork (Cari Lekebusch Remix) - Proper NYC

11 (41:42) - Mr Barth and The Persuader - Snorkelmannen Och Hans Vanner - SVEK

12 (45:20) - Cari Lekebusch - Svarflirtad - Proper NYC

13 (48:12) - Ron Maney - Skulls Hotline - H-Productions

14 (53:25) - Cari Lekebusch - Zoids - Unreleased Cassette Tape

15 (56:09) - Cari Lekebusch - Main Formula - H-Productions

16 (58:45) - Cari Lekebusch - Unite - H-Productions

17 (63:17) - Fred - Nightshade - Missile

18 (68:27) - Crushed Insect - Put Me On Your Sandwich - H-Productions

19 (74:09) - Cari Lekebusch - Ej Till Forsaljning (A2 mix) - H-Productions

Further Archeology Excavations will follow later in 2012 from Alexi Delano, Tony Rohr, The Advent and Jesper Dahlback and then Joel Mull, Industrialyzer and Nima Khak in 2013

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I'm A Hybrid Microsite at

2012 will see Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions label take a giant stride forward in the world of Web 2.0 with the launch of the label’s ‘I’m A Hybrid’ microsite service. This new initiative will benefit the labels most loyal fans by giving access to music, including lots of exclusive content, first and in a unique, enhanced way. The site is live now so go check it!

For a fixed charge per product, ‘I’m A Hybrid’ users gain access to their own account as part of H-Productions ‘I’m A Hybrid’ microsite; a special place for the labels über-fans to hang out and enjoy our music within a specially constructed multi-media environment.

Users will automatically be notified on delivery of our new releases each month. Audio can be accessed via the HPX player, which streams audio from within the microsite and also via WAV and MP3 download ZIPs.

So what do you get for your money a month? H-Productions will release an album a month through 2012. Projects include artist albums, various artist compilations and DJ mixes. Content will be drawn from all eight HPX artists and will include re-issues / remixes of classic tracks alongside tons of new music. The 2012 release schedule is detailed below.

Hybrids get more than just music though! The microsite will be designed to operate as the labels own online magazine full of bespoke editorial, created each month around the new projects as they happen with exclusive news, announcements and competitions, interviews, artist biopics, artist blogs and charts all viewed within project branded page.

Having set a high standard for video content in 2011 with a series of “on tour” video’s from showcase events in Amsterdam, London and Zurich, the microsite will see this aspect of the label marketing enhanced with in depth artist interviews, studio / production tutorials, promotional videos and more behind the scenes footage from HPX tour events.

I’m A Hybrid users will also be able to access a variety of merchandise and multi-media bonus gifts around each release. These gifts will be specific to the projects and will include things like downloadable artwork prints, screen savers and desktop avatars as well as bespoke merchandise lines themed around the creative ideas behind our music.

By creating this bespoke, interactive environment which is tailored to the needs and wants of our fans and built to enhance their enjoyment of our product and involvement in the H-Productions brand we hope to further shorten the gap between our artists and fans and in the process deliver a product which is desirable, collectable and value for money. H-PRODUCTIONS 2012 RELEASE SCHEDULEJanuary











December Mutations 101 Various Artist compilation. 17 tracks + DJ Mix

Excavations 1: Cari Lekebusch DJ Mix compilation 19 tracks + DJ Mix

Rejuvenations – Cari Lekebusch & Jesper Dahlback Remixed

Cari Lekebusch Album

Excavations 2: Alexi Delano DJ Mix compilation

The Advent Album

Recombination’s: Symbiosis – Various Artist Collaboration Compilation

Excavations 3: Tony Rohr DJ Mix Compilation

Alexi Delano Album

Cari Album Remixes

Excavations 4: The Advent DJ Mix Compilation

The Advent Album Remixes

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