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Be Part of the HAHA Day Charity Event!

The Joyful Foundation is proudly presenting this special event “HAHA DAY” on 25 July, 2010. The aim of the event is very simple, we promote smile. is a celebration of happiness, is a day to display the most smiling faces of the Hong Kong community. Through breaking the Guinness World Records of largest photo exhibition of smiling faces, we want to raise public awareness about depr...Read more

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July Flame Theme

Is available now!

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Atomic Floyd Headphones

I just got my hands on a pair of Atomic Floyd HiDefDrum Headphones and I must say I'm loving them. Excellent overall sound quality with awesome Bass and Treble. Besides the great sound that these produce, I'm really impressed by the quality of materials the headphones are made of. I've owned so many pairs of expensive headphones that ...Read more

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June Flame Theme

Celebrate Father's Day with the June flame theme. Available now!!

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April Flame Theme

Is Available Now!!

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March Flame Them

Is Available Now!

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Feb. Flame Theme

Is available now. Happpy Year of the Tiger Guys!!

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January Flame Theme

Is Available Now

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For all the Fantasy Sports Nerds Out There

This year I am playing Fantasy Basketball with a group of friends and one of my buddies is a complete newbie. I think he's pretty clueless of how to play and the value of his players and we all know it. Within a span of a month he went from 1st place to 8th place because we are all raping him for his best players. It's so great! It kinda reminds me of that scene in Disney&#...Read more

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Wrong Design

I  was walking back from lunch today and I looked up and noticed this gem. I wonder how much business this company gets? If anyone is not looking for the RIGHT design give these guys a call. God bless HK and its misunderstanding of the English language. Amen!

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