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LoL stuff...

Yesterday i stopped by my local supermarket to do some grocery shopping. wat i saw made me laughed out loud. it's a 'siamese' white eggplant... kinda resemble a plump rump... never really had white eggplant before so i bought some.

(i prepared it with shredded pork, curry style... big mistake on leaving the skin on... it was kinda chew...Read more

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Incredible Weekend...

Friday nite....

As many of u know, mr. daniel wu, himself is in ny. and me and yulien got a chance to see him at the chivas regal private party held at bryant park library this past friday. at first i didnt even know which library it's gonna be held at but after some researching (and rude encounter with the barmaid who's w/ the chivas regal event that i wont want to go into details), i was so excited to be able to see him live in person. i went straight after work to the library to meet up w/ yulien. the red carpet wasn&...Read more

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1st time...

A lot has happened since I last blogged. Last Friday was the 1 st time I served as a juror. It was a criminal case that took a couple of days to finish. Guilty on one count of sale of controlled substance. And Not Guilty on the charge of tampering with evidence. The 12 of us, hands down, reached the verdict of not guilty on tampering with evidence right away… it was clearly the cops who messed up on this one. The defendant was arrested and stripped searched at the precint’s bathroom and was told to bend over when nothing was visible on him. There...Read more

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Once upon a time....

Last nite I met up with my childhood friend for dinner and bubble tea. It’s just so funny that we saw each other on facebook and decided to meet up. We’ve met in 3 rd grade and my deepest impression of her was that she’s sweet ‘lil girl. We’ve drifted apart after junior high and lost contact. Although we went to the same college, I only saw her once or twice in the hallways throughout my 4 ½ yrs there.

When I saw her last nite, she still looked the same except she’s a blondie now; but her smile still lit up the whole room. We tal...Read more

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Last day of summer....

This past weekend, our agape fellowship went over to one of our brother, gerald's home in jersey, and spent the night there. spending the night over at gerald's place has been one of our anticipated traditions at nycac. we can expect great food and great fun in the pool. this year, we're grateful that it was a first time for many, which meant new additions to agape. we spent fri nite having dinner/ snacks and sitting around the dinner tab...Read more

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Kid in us...

On my way to work today, i saw a funny thing that made me smile. as the subway pulled up the station and the doors opened, i hurried in and found a seat. not long so my eyes wandered off. there seated a few feets before me in a corner was an old guy. his hair were all white, well most of what's left of it anyway, and his glasses were perched on his shining head. he was looking down with his eyes darting back and forth. and in his hands was a psp. wow, i've never seen someone his age would be interested in those or even knew what they wer...Read more

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A Solemn Day

My friend's dad passed away last monday and the wake was held yesterday at a funeral parlor. as i walked into the front entrace of the building, all i saw was a sea of black. seems like there were 2 ceremonies goin on. as i walked toward the room's entrace with my friend's dad's name on it, i spotted familiar faces who were already seated. As i made my way toward the front center of the room, all i heard were snifflings and low murmurs. i said a little prayer in front of my friend's dad's coffin and walked toward the fami...Read more

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Surprise Daddy-To-Be Party

I’m sure everyone heard of a baby shower for the mom-to-be. What about a baby shower for the daddy-to-be? Well, this past Saturday, I had the honor of taking part in the whole surprise party for Wins, the daddy-to-be. I was in charge of the decorations and party supplies (plates, cups, etc.). The wife, KD, organized it well and the plan was well thought. They live in prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Brooklyn and party was gonna be at a friend, Syn’s, place in Queens. Obstacles we have to o...Read more

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My First Blog (techincally)...

Well, today is friday... finally. and it feels like a friday with the rain and draggy day. nothing to do at work again....  feels so great and relaxing. wish everyday would be this relaxing. since I've nothing to do, guess i'll post up some of the pics from my recent trip to hk and china (shanghai, beijing, guangzhou/ (enping village), hk, and macau. spent 3 weeks there and still felt like not enough time to see everything. sigh but def. go...Read more

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