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Whole family went to watch mom sings...

but too bad i don have mom's photo here.. only brother and i.. haha

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So many months already....

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2 in 1

6 May Wednesday

Today have an interview at Gymboree at Tanglin Mall at 3pm... Morning went to mother shop and prepare..  I borrow sis blouse to wear.. very scare she not happy, but no choice.. need for interview... :)

I tie this myself... WOW!!!

At first is i don know how to tie.. sis not free to help me..   luc...Read more

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Mix It!!!

16 April Thursday

Don really remember what happen that day... all i know is i went to watch '17 Again' with Yvonne...

18 April Saturday

Sis and I want  to fairprice to top up things for home and bought this to try... Dark chocolate is a bit bitter for me.. but sis love it...

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Blog: Wednesday, Apr 15

Yesterday went to have lunch with Yvonne... Soul Garden at Woodland!!! Second time eating that :)

Food All Around the Table

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Today went out with one of my tkd friend, Sher Ling.

In the night, sis, bro, and me bought for a walk again :):)

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Saturday is my big day...

i have my tkd 2nd dan grading!! so scary! my heart almost jumped out of my body... wahaha

i realh the grading area around 2pm.. the STF website say to reach by 2.30pm.. in the end, know how long i wait, 4hr++!! The 4hr i was doing nothing but wait, think of pattern, wait and think of pattern... Never though that there is so many other grader before me..

when it is finally me, it's a 4 candidates to 3 examiner, we went up to stand in front of examiner,...Read more

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long time no see.. lol

Sooooooo long did not log in here... haha:) compter spoil..

Many things happened...  :)


12 March,

Sis, bro and i brought our dog to have a walk...

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Something sad happen

Today have my normal taekwondo training at 7.30pm..

However... something sad happen today.. my grandma told me never go to Dragon Boat again!!! at first grandma don know that.. when  told dad i going to have this sport, he also disagree. but i tell him it's very safe and i like this sport. i get to know it is when my tkd sir ask me to go try out and help them to add up the amount of member... after trying, it's very fun, that's why i continue..

but when grandma know about it, she is very.. very....very... don ...Read more

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SO WARM!!! :)

Todaywent to dragon boat training again.. but something is different today, i an so so so so ANGRY of ****** .. he ask people to do things that he don't want to do!! I don't want to say too much.. Waste my page only...

today is so so warm.. went to have lunch with them after training.. after that went to buy my dog food then go home.. i saw my friend on the way home.. Yvonne told me he become more good looking after army, but i see like.. NO DIFFERENT. lol

Yesterday father off, so we went out to have dinner but without m...Read more

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HELLO!! My Friends:):):)


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December 8, 2008