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  • HELLO!! My Friends:):):)

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  • I AM BACK!! :P

    Saturday, Dec 12, 2009 4:03AM / Members only


    Whole family went to watch mom sings...

    but too bad i don have mom's photo here.. only brother and i.. haha


    lol!! after edit, brother become model of the year in the post!! wahaha..

    see my cute little puppy sleep in her bowl.. haha  There is still other more super cute one in the album above.. Chech it out :)


    Wole family went to Singapore Flyer for Family Day.. At first decided all 5 go together.. but in the end, mom say she is scare so only 3 of us went up...

    i was a little scare at first..  not really dare to get close the window... but after a while, it's not too bad and the view up there is not bad also...

    but i think it will be more better in the night with all the lights on...

    emo 3......................




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  • So many months already....

    Monday, Jul 27, 2009 12:15AM / Members only

    Hihihihihihihihi.... LONG TIME NO HERE!! haha

    hmm... start with log time ago...


    Mom bought this slipper for me... cause she bought a very expansive bag then this got offer. $10 haha. actually got 1 more very nice bag but i have not take the photo.. once taken will put up:)

    i cut short my hair..  but until now it get long back already.. haha

    My bro won a price from a news paper competition... A very beautiful watch and stationary..


     Then on 31st of May, Yvonne, Yong Kim, bro and me went to meseum together.. all the photo is in the album..

    We went to the Comic museum together then half way Yvonne and Yong Kim have to go first so the other Peranakans meseum only bro and i went..


    1st june..    Yvonne, bro and I went to watch Monster vs Alien 3D

    Bro playing game while waiting for the movie time... and i am with a gun.. haha


    18th june..   

    Yvonne, Yong Kim, Bro and me went to discovery center together... hm... is like past, now and future thing,, learn something there:)

     something on the screen will show something that it forgot.. know more about dolphin at a 3D video.. :)

    21st June... 

    SIS BRITHDAY!! erm.. is at 27th actually. haha



    7th July...

    Went out with Yvonne and long time no see Shirley to Vivo City.. tried 2 things for the first time..   <--- this 2.

    <--- first time step in that.. :P

    8th July wen to have a dinner with sis friend who just came baack from Aus till 12am.. lol

    11th July...

    Went to cycle with sis and bro...

    Very Very Very FUN!!  


    But got very bad sun burn.. lol:P

    After cycle sis and i went to the dress making lesson then go to malaysia with family to see grandparents...

    after shower then notice the sunburn is very very bad...

     WOW WOW !! lol

    we went home the next day afternoon... i got the whole back sits to myself... wahaha :D

     but a bit messy...

    can see the watch mark after the sunburn?? i love it!! haha

    End if the few fun months...

    the nice hair i have in some days...

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  • 2 in 1

    Thursday, May 7, 2009 3:45AM / Members only

    6 May Wednesday

    Today have an interview at Gymboree at Tanglin Mall at 3pm... Morning went to mother shop and prepare..  I borrow sis blouse to wear.. very scare she not happy, but no choice.. need for interview... :)

    I tie this myself... WOW!!!

    At first is i don know how to tie.. sis not free to help me..   lucky Yvonne found a website that teach and i learn from there... i took 5min and learn up...  hehe ^.^

    mom and dad is not in a good mood.. dad is more worst... Dad not happy Mom go back Malaysia, Mom not happy Dad angry she go back Malaysia.. HAHA!! Adult is hard to understand..

    So scare.. Dad close the shop when Mom ask him to look after awhile when she go Malaysia.. In the end i have to go Tanglin Mall very early.. haha.. Interview at 3, i reach at 2.. i walk around, sit around.. until 2.40pm like that then i go in... i wait for 20min until my turn to interview cos before me there is still other people...

    After Interview i meet Yvonne to go have a dinner and movie... We have Papper Lunch for dinner... Very very nice! We eat student meal so only $5.90.. If not should be $13++.. Next time bring bro and sis go...

    I have Salmon

    Yvonne have Beef

    We watch TAKEN at 7.10pm after the dinner... SO SO SO SO exciting...


    *thank you Yvonne for helping me find how to go Tanglin Mall by taking what bus and alighting where & the website that teach me how to tie hair! haha:)

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  • Mix It!!!

    Sunday, May 3, 2009 2:01PM / Members only

    16 April Thursday

    Don really remember what happen that day... all i know is i went to watch '17 Again' with Yvonne...

    18 April Saturday

    Sis and I want  to fairprice to top up things for home and bought this to try... Dark chocolate is a bit bitter for me.. but sis love it...

    21 April Tuesday

    I went to mother shop to help her look after her shop while she go to have singing lesson with friends. She say she is having a competition soon... But if customer ask where is she, she want me to tell them that she went to see doctor... hmmm.... i say until very pai seh when customer really ask me where is mom.. haha:)

    Mom friend give us this chocolate... quite nice....

    22 April Wednesday

    The whole day is with yvonne At first we plan to go K box then shop around... but when i told my father we going K, HE IS ANGRY!!! scare me... i don know he will be angry so i tell him last minutes when i going out... he say he will be worried. i also don know why... SO! no chioce have to tell Yvonne the change of plan.. so so so so pai seh.. haha..

    We still meet at the same place, around AMK K box, but is to go have the Long John that is beside it.. is a mix of breakfast and lunch.

    then we went to watch movie.. 'Knowing' very very very nice, exciting..  Then we meet Shirley, have a dinner at KFC then Shirley went for her night class, yvonne went home, i went to mother shop.. she ask me to follow her to singing lesson cause she don want to have supper with her class after lesson. then she can say she have to go home me... haha i do anything she want. if not... life will be diffcult.. wahaha

    24 April Friday

    Morning i went to mom shop to help her look after her shop.. she went bak to malaysia to see grandfather, aunt and her uncle... i am not very close to her uncle.. only saw him in chinese new year... Grandfather got diabetes, aunt problem is hard to say, but will be in my head.. don know should say her ridicules or poor thing.. hai... Mom's uncle, brain cancel.. he pass away just a while after mom visit him and left... mom say maybe is he have see all that should be seen... i don know much about his funeral thing.. mom say i no need to go.. si i don go..

    In the afternoon when mom come back, i went out with yvonne to collect her printed shirt at Novena.. i forgot to ask her let me take a photo.. haha.. then we went back to mom's shop, yvonne want it to alter the sleeves.

    Then we went to AMK Hub have dinner. every place is full of people.. in the end, we decide to try Fish & Co.

    The food is wahahahaha.... NOT NICE AT ALL!!!!! i am telling the TRUTH!!!!

    maybe only AMK Hub one not nice.. maybe other place is nicer.. but i think i don dare to try again...

    We ordered New York Fish & Chip.  It's OILY!!

    When we finish the fish & chip, we was so so so full. but still got desert.. i think is because of the oil. every bite of the fish, i can taste the oil...

                             Before                                      &                                After


    Yvonne so funny.. her mouth is full of the chocolate... from the start of disert, i laugh till the end... haha

    一颗cheery叉在chocolate上. (一朵鲜花叉在牛粪上) wahaha:)

    25 April Saturday

    Meet Yvonne at 8.30am. i brought her to my church, but she lead the way.. haha cause the church change vanue to a hotel.. i don know how to go... its only change for a few day for a talk.. haha:)

    25 April is Yvonne ad mine most memorable day... we both wear skirt today.. on the way to hotel. a sudden big wind blow our skirt up... i got a super big shock!!! lucky it's stll early and do not have much people.. no one saw it.. haha.

    we went out of the room, i think 1/2hr before it end.. we saw many packed lunch outside.. we took one and share.. without asking.. haha.. cause we saw some people eating also... haha:) 他们的饭,四样菜只有两样好吃。。。 哈哈!!


    when we just going to go in, it end.. wahaha... we took our bag and went out...

    29 April Wednesday

    Today morning went to piano lesson, because friday public holiday so teacher move foward.. after lesson, actually is to meet Yvonne and Shirley for movie. when i reach, i saw shirley friend. i don know her...haha..

    Shirley friend want to have lunch. so i think Shirley and her friend can go eat then Yvonne and i went to shop first then later meet again for movie.. many talking... talking.. and talking.. haha.. In the end, only Yvonne and i went to watch 'International'.. the show very exciting.. nice:) After movie we shop and shirley join us for dinner then went home... I only use money for food.. no other things.. lol

    1May Friday

    Today went to Malaysia Johor Hospital with family to see my grandfather... when reach, grandma ma was sleeping on the chair. we was there accompany  him for a few hour +++

    Sis tie this hair for me... cause there is very warm..

    sis & i got this for dinner,                                       mom got this....




    So many things in one go... Full until siao!! wahaha

    We went to nearby shopping center for dinner...  we meet cousin there and bro play with him..


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  • Blog: Wednesday, Apr 15

    Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009 6:34PM / Members only

    Yesterday went to have lunch with Yvonne... Soul Garden at Woodland!!! Second time eating that :)

    Food All Around the Table

    We eat from around 6.45pm to 9.20pm. from not much people to many people to not much people.. lol!! eat sooooooo long:)

    After dinner, almost all shop outside is closing.. lucky we are in time to buy the present that Yvonne want and found a yellow tape that i need to buy, also bought a basket ball for bro birthday present what is in March.. haha.. 

    Finish buying thing that need then go home...


    27 March 2009

    Brother Birthday.. Celebrate at mom shop.

    My dog new house over there.. lol:)

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    take care!!
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    help m e write comment leh then we gt a lot comment.. XD ..

    HEY!! dun always take ur sunburn pic can!! JEALOUS sey!! know i cant get dark still always show ppl ur sun burn!!

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    k la..

    cheers ^^
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    hello nice to meet you,my name is jessica and i am from holland.and i am a big fan of jetli.happy verry chinese new year.can i be your friend.and have a nice day.greetings from

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