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Awwww sooo Kawaii

Hey Hey

I am winning my battle with the dreaded flu and chest infection, I am getting stronger and not passing out anymore.  Yay me! lol

This morning as I was having my first cup of tea today, someone came a knocking at my door.

Feeling a bit miffed at being disturbed, I dragged myself of my sofa and went and answered the door.  It was the postie (Mail Man), with a parcel, for me!! lol 

Meh! I thought it was the hot chocolate that I ordered online from Whittard of Chelsea, which by the way is the best hot cho...Read more

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About Me (lol if you're interested that is)

How old are you? 39… look about 29(good genetics from my mother).... act like a kid

Whats your starsign? Virgo

How tall are you?  A very tall 5 foot 3 inches…. Please no midget jokes!! 

What colour are your eyes? Hazel greenish/grey

Favourite food? Vegetarian Sushi

Least favourite food? Broccoli

Drink of choice? Water, pineapple juice, apple juice

Favourite holiday destination? Would love...Read more

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-YCHZTZ1Gk

Been thinking a lot today about my little doggie that passed away a few months ago.  Miss him terribly.

Watched the video i made of him again which i posted on youtube a while ago. It still amazes me everytime i see it how really beautiful he was. 

Teekee was a rescue dog, his previous owners neglected and abused him.  He was an aggressive and angry dog when i got him, but i saw something in him that made ...Read more

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Hey Hey Slink - i copied and pasted it - but the answers are changed


01) Are you currently in a serious relationship? Nope

02) What was your dream growing up? To become a ballerina - lol pirouette anyone?

03) What talent do you wish you had? To be able to sing good...... i can sing, but your ears would ...Read more

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Frost not snow.


This photo was taken nearly 2 weeks ago, it looks like we had a little dusting of snow.

But its not snow, its frost.   The warmest it got that day was  minus 7 degrees centigrade (please dont ask what that is in fahrenheit, i dont understand fahrenheit, lol i dont wanna understand it  )<...Read more

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The Joys of winter illnesses

Hey hey

Ahh the joys of the third week of a flu/chest infection.  What fun to be had nearly coughing up one's lungs lol.

I hate the flu, why must winter be plagued with sniffling noses and coughs that would put a 100 cigarettes a day smoker to shame.

But i can see light at the end of this hot lemon drink and vicks vapour-rub tunnel, for i believe i am on the homeward stretch of getting better.  Soon it wont hurt to breathe, and the...Read more

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Its 12.01am Saturday 4th October and i am sitting here editing myself on this website.  Its a coolz website, and i was introduced to it by a friend.

The pictures on my album are off my lil dog teekee who passed away last month. He was the coolest dog ever, and he knew it .

I may blog about other things in the future but this it just to get me started. Read more

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みなさんこんにちは。 Tis me, Belkie! Here to talk, have a laugh and some fun with everyone!!! :D Dramas: Previously watched: You're Beautiful, When its at Night, Legen

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