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As some of you may know me personally, you will know i go through bouts of Insomnia.

And for my fellow AnD people who suffer from Insomnia, you know its the worst.

But, I now have a new vision of Insomnia thanks to Aisha and the MV below that she recommended - lol

I hope you enjoy it as much as i did, it may not help me sleep, but it put a smile on my face

http:...Read more

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Album 5


Hey Hey

Just to let all you ladies know that Album 5 is now complete

Here is the link >>>http://www.alivenotdead.com/Belkie/Male-Hotties-5-profile-593091.html

P.S Mel, there are a few tasty pics of Rain which i am sure you will like

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Sheep in the Island ...... 1 and 2

Hey Hey

A friend of mine a couple of months ago showed me Sheep in the Island 1 because it came on his new cellphone - At first i thought aww what a kawaii lil sheep, lol was i mistaken or what??

Today however i was watching it again on Youtube (i admit it, i am a youtube addict lol), when i noticed there is a sequel... thought i would share it with ya's to give ya bit of a giggle.  Just in case you havent seen the first one i will post that here too.... enjoy !!!

Sheep in the Island 1

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Funny Clips

Hey Hey

Here is some stuff that i found funny and a bit kawaii too off youtube....


Kame is just too kawaii in this lol




Although this is Shoon's funny skit, Koyama kinda steals some of the limelight at first (too funny as the baddie lol)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpB9b...Read more

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More Blog Things


Some more silly quizzes from blogthings.com

What Vitamin Are You?


What Vitamin Are You?

You Are Vitamin A

You see the world vividly. You are a very visual person, and you pay special attention to colors.

And whi...Read more

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Celebrate Earth Day --- 22nd April 2009


Earth Day 2009 this year will see activities promoting the environment taking place around the world. The event, which started in America 30 years ago, has become a global celebration with people and businesses taking part across the world.

Do your bit for the environment - but dont make Earth Day just 1 day a year, think of the earth every day.


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I'm back


Hey Hey

I have just gone through the most unmentionably horrendous torture this last 5 days - No pc or internet access.

On Wednesday my PC saw fit to break down.  Try as I might and as coaxing as I was towards it, it just wouldnt work. 

Called my bro who said no worries be there Saturday morning to fix it - I said ok fine (thinking oh my god can i really go three days without ...Read more

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Blog things


I love the website blogthings.  It has the most random of quizzes to find out personality or name for something - its just a piece of fun though not to be taken seriously.

Slink posted recently her Super Villain name - lol it was "Poison Bile"

Here is mine, and some other quizzes i did today for fun:

What's Your Supervillain Name?


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About me....... again lol

About me - lol copying slink cause she re-done her one - so i thought i would too - lol some answers have changed ever so slightly

How old are you? 39… look about 29(good genetics from my mother).... act like a kid

Whats your starsign? Virgo

How tall are you?  A very tall 5 foot 3 inches…. Please no midget jokes!! 

What colour are your eyes? Hazel greenish/grey

Favourite food? Vegetarian Sushi<...Read more

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KAT-TUN are one of my most favourite Japanese groups ever! - it also helps that each one of them is very easy on the eye too lol - let me show you........

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みなさんこんにちは。 Tis me, Belkie! Here to talk, have a laugh and some fun with everyone!!! :D Dramas: Previously watched: You're Beautiful, When its at Night, Legen

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