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Hi All

Just to let you know, things havent been going too great with my health lately and fluid had built up again in my lungs.

The doctors have tried to treat me at home but unfortunately the medication that i have been given has had some bad effects.  My potassium levels have dropped a lot and my kidney functions have deteriorated.

So my consultant wants me in hospital so they can monitor me daily and see if there are other methods they can use to help me.  So tomorrow (22nd June) i am  being admitted to hospital.

Dont worry, they will look after me well.

The bedside TV / Internet units have basic internet so i can still check occasionally on my feeds etc. 

Take care all


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I'm sorry to hear that you have to be admitted to the hospital again. Hope you get better soon bel darlin~ *big bosies*
over 10 years ago
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I will have you in my prayers sweetness. Big hugs.
over 10 years ago
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Besta luck Bel!! TC!!!
over 10 years ago
Firce moi
You are in our prayers LinChan and do keep us update please. Be strong as you always are and we will be here waiting for you. Big hug<3<3
over 10 years ago
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I miss talking to you, but you take care of you! Get yourself better! Huggles!
over 10 years ago
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I just got the sad news today...Rest in Peace Bel darlin! *big bosies*
over 10 years ago
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GOD rest u in peace
over 10 years ago
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FIt ye hae tae ging an dee 'at fer ye daft kwine?? Awwww no, away an rest an God Bless ye: yer a bonnie soul, I'll ay mind that!!
over 10 years ago
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RIP Lindy.......
over 10 years ago
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R I P....
over 10 years ago
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I miss it when you torture me with your force fed japagroupie youtube links with your girly boy bands. I miss you. I'll always remember i promise.
about 10 years ago
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SO sorry Bel!!
over 9 years ago


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