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みなさんこんにちは。 Tis me, Belkie! Here to talk, have a laugh and some fun with everyone!!! :D Dramas: Previously watched: You're Beautiful, When its at Night, Legen

Just a highland lass from Inverness in Scotland, enjoy surfing the net, and chatting.

I sometimes have a wacky or weird sense of humour. I dont judge people, because sometimes first impressions arent always right.

With me it doesnt matter who or what you are, as a friend i will always be loyal and true.

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Hi All

Just to let you know, things havent been going too great with my health lately and fluid had built up again in my lungs.

The doctors have tried to treat me at home but unfortunately the medication that i have been given has had some bad effects.  My potassium levels have dropped a lot and my kidney functions have deteriorated.

So my consultant wants me in hospital so they can monitor me daily and see if there are other methods they can use to help me.  So tomorrow (22nd June) i am  being admitted to hospital.

Dont worry, they will look after me well.

The bedside TV / Internet units have basic internet so i can still check occasionally on my feeds etc. 

Take care all


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Just one more click ...... lol

As you know i am a self confessed youtube addict.

But its hard not to be when you come across what you think is excellent videos.... like this one called "Just one more click".

Watch and enjoy !!


Mata ne lovely people

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Lyric Parodies

Hey Hey

Just want to share a couple of hilarious song parodies of songs that i really like.  The video and singing are the real deal, but the lyrics in the subtitles is the parody - totally funny.

1st - Taiyou No Namida by NeWs.

2nd - Real Face by KAT-TUN


Enjoy !!

Matane lovely people

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Movie Reviews

Hey Hey

Just a little review of some movies I have watched recently.

1. Storm Warriors - The evil warlord Lord Godless wants to conquer China. He threatens the General in command into surrender, takes the Emperor captive in order to get the Dragon Bone  He also subdues the martial arts masters using his special poison. Martial arts Master Nameless is injured as he tries to defeat Lord Godless, but escapes with Cloud and Wind.  As Nameless is too injured to fight Lord Godless, he sends Cloud and Wind to persuade Lord Wicked to help.

I loved everything about this movie; from the effects; to the fight scenes; to the excellent acting from Ekin Cheng, Aaron Kwok, Nicholas Tse, Simon Yam and Kenny Ho.  The ending is very unexpected and leaves you wanting more.

My rating for this movie is 10 out of 10.


2. Ninja Assassin - Raizo has been trained since childhood to be a lethal killer. Raizo forms a romantic attachment to a female ninja within his clan. Unfortunately she wishes to escape the clan and is executed as a traitor after trying to escape one night. He then begins to feel resentment towards his master and clan.  After his first assassination Raizo is ordered to kill a fellow ninja who has also tried to escape the clan, but he rebels and escapes and  now seeks revenge for their heartless murders

This movie was excellent, action packed from the word go.  Fight scenes were excellent and very bloody.  Rain was fantastic as Raizo; very cold and ruthless. Sho Kosugi very convincing as the cruel and ruthless Lord Ozunu who is the leader of the Ninja Clan.


My rating for this movie is 9 out of 10.


  1. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - Percy discovers he is a demi-god and is the son of Poseidon.  Also is suspected of stealing Zeus's Lightning Bolt; and more worrying for him his mother has been kidnapped by Hades.  Percy and his friends go on a cross-country quest  to find enough Persephone's pearls to go to the Underworld and save his mom, and catch the true lightning thief therefore preventing a war between the Gods.

If you like Greek Mythology (and I do) then this is a fun movie for you as they integrate some of the myths loosely into the movie.  The movie had very good CGI, cool action scenes, and often a very witty script.  Uma Thurman excelled at being a very cool looking but menacing Medusa.

My rating for this movie 8 out of 10.



If you watch these movies I hope you enjoy them every bit as I did.

Matane you lovely people.



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農曆新年快樂 - 歲次戊寅

Hey Hey

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year - Year of the Tiger 2010

If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world - . Confucius.

Let's pray that everyone will have righteousness in their hearts.

Take care and be safe all.

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みなさんこんにちは。 Tis me, Belkie! Here to talk, have a laugh and some fun with everyone!!! :D Dramas: Previously watched: You're Beautiful, When its at Night, Legen ...Read more

English Name Belkie
Profile Views 79,544
Fans 60
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