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AnD, Reni Wong Designs, the weather, and New Year

Hey Hey

Oh my.... I am such a lazzzzzzzzzzy blogger, lol. 

I received a lovely parcel from Hong Kong on Tuesday, took pictures of its contents and haven't blogged til now about it.

Earlier this month I ordered a couple of things designed by Reni Wong from the AnD store, it came quicker than I thought it would.

Well I got to admit I was more than pleasantly surprised by my purchases. They are even more cute in real life than the pictures show them to be.

^  My i2 Puppy Set ...... They are just sooo kawaii, and larger than I thought they would be.

^ My Pair of Zodiac Figures .... I must have clicked on the wrong pair (LOL), I meant to order the Dragon and Rooster.... Myself being born in the year of the Rooster and I have a friend I could give the Dragon too.  Doesn't matter though I have another friend I can give the Ox too, and the Mouse well I'm gonna keep that for myself cause its just tooo cute! LOL

With my parcel I also got 2 cool AnD.com stickers and 2 info cards.



The weather here has been really quite bad the last week and a half.  Constantly snowing every single day.  Plus side to it though, we had a "White Christmas".  But now its just not going away.

^Taken just before 1am on Christmas Morning.

^Taken on Tuesday 29th December just after 3pm.

^ Still snowing !!!!!!!

LOL OK I know ...... I live in Scotland, I have to expect this kinda weather, but come on we need a break from the constant dull grey skies and falling snow (just one day even lol).


Well its just after 4pm here on Hogmanay (Scottish word for the last day of the Year) and there is less than 8 left of this year to go.  Hmm I wonder who will be my First Footer (1st person to enter your house in the New Year).

So with that I would like to say to everyone on AnD :

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope 2010 brings you all happiness and everything you wish for !!!


Matane you lovely people

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Firce moi
Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu my lovley tomodachi. Arigato for the text, was hard NOT to lick my phone screen...lol Daisuki da yo.
almost 11 years ago
Photo 277167
Happy New Year Bel!!
almost 11 years ago
Firce moi
They are adorable :)
almost 11 years ago
Firce moi
super kawaii indeed =)
almost 11 years ago
Photo 505164
The first time I visited Scotland, it got hit with a giant snowstorm that apparently took the whole country (me and my crew included) by surprise. Ironically, last minute before leaving for the day trip, I decided to ditch my waterproof boots in favor of more comfortable sneakers. Thus I ended up trudging through a foot and a half of snow in very non-waterproof kicks my whole time there. Even more ironic was that we were told that the day before we got there was a, very rare for winter, warmish sunny day with blue skies, etc. Hehe. Happy new year!
almost 11 years ago
Photo 217949
cute aren't they? i love mine!
almost 11 years ago


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