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Basia Ma

haha, I have a Jokey Smurf Personality! 

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and which one are you??

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Origami Soccer part 2 ;-)

Origami Soccer Championship 2009!!B.BAD Team vs. D.BAD Team!!the return game!

the same lesson.. the same teams.. the same players.. but this time it was much more interesting most funny thing at the begining:

My goal was afraid of Vanness and decided to fell down "bramka padła"

Terry snatched the opportunity, took the ball and He ran towards the goal but suddenly on his way appeared Vanness.  So Terry ran into him, it was impssible to escape that.

unfortunately he broke Van's nose...

... and PP'sTeam had a free kick.

PM's Team (my) tried to stopped him, but Van was furious and... there's nothing more to add, he scored.

later Jaycee take control over the ball, he pass the ball to Phil who score to equalise

I didn't knew how after a fiew minutes thenthan's forwarder (Jaky) appeared in front of my goal. My team was completely astonished. Only the best goalkeeper (Andy) had stayed lucid. He of course defended that shot.

that made Jaky angry. He wanted to score the goal so much that he didn't noticed he ran over Phil...

...the goal was scored. But Phil was bouled.

Referee (that big white guy) wasn't very interested in the match

However that time he had to reacted. He holds up a red card to signal a Jeky's removal from the game.

Terry and Sammy hepled Jeky got off the field

After all both teams were angly and nervous. It's no wonder they solved their problem in different way...   FIGHT!

And it's draw again. I think Me and thienthan have to share the first placeas it is in marriage.

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Good Friday

"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep."(John 10:11)

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Origami Soccer...

... it means: 'What we do during boring lessons'

Origami Soccer Championship 2009!!

B.DAB Team vs. D.DAB Team!![](/attachments/2009/02/374449_200902242120161.thumb.jpg) PM's Team From left to right: Andy, Terry, Jaycee, Sammy and last but not least Phil

This is my dream team

PP's Team

Jimmy, Van, Daniel, Nic and Jacky

thienthan's team

Firstly.. warm-up..

Later toss-up and I could started the match

My team was much more better. Mostly we had a ball but Jimmy is a good goalkeeper.

finally I had my chance to score a goal but.. it was the end of moiety.. Thienthan's comment: "Who is that stupid guy who stay back to the ball?!"

Hmm.. that was Phil..

after brake thienthan's team was in the ascendant but these time Andy saved us Daria hadn't make use of chance

Unfortunately the "boring lesson"  finished Champioship eventuate in tie.

Hmm.. I think we need a return game.. maby tomorrow..

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